Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I wonder if anyone even reads my posts anymore?! haha. Nobody coments anyone anymore! :o)

So if you read this...put a "YES!" as a comment! l0l.

Job Update

I was very happy at Tai Pan Trading...until i got laid off! Annoying!!! :( I was one of the 30 total to get laid off...isn't that insane?! The annoying part--i went in to Tai Pan yesterday, December 29, to get something for my aunt. All of my managers said hi to me and everything. Well i get home and later that night had a message on my phone from Fred, my manager, that he needed to tell me something and to call him as soon as possible. I had a feeling what he wanted to tell me...yikes! I was nervous, but still called...and sure enough he told me that they just had too many people working for the amount of hours they could give out and i was one of the last people to be hired. SAD! I was soo angry that they just didn't tell me when i was there...instead had to do it over the phone! Rage! And then they want me to come in to work on Friday (the one day i was scheduled) to pick up my check...I'm sorry, but I'm not driving a half hour just to get my check...please send! Thanks! ha.

The funny thing is...my friend, Camilla, still works at v choc and she told me that today they were running around trying to find people who were coming in because it was so crazy...but they figured out that nobody was...because nobody was scheduled! haha. She said there were 3 or 4 registers open with about 10 people in each line...haha! Maybe they got rid of too many people?! :o)

Anyways...that's my job update--JOBLESS, yet again! :( Boo Hoo! [[but i realize this might be a good thing for me--maybe it will make me finally get my California cosmo license like i should have forever ago!]]

Bring on the job hunting! haha.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clark Family Photoshoot (2008)

The fam damily! :o)

Matt, Lauren, and Matti

Jonni, Me, Ally

Us...being us! :o)

Kissy Kiss...with cousin Eliza

The originals...best friends!

Matti!!! :o)

"Oh...a leaf!" haha.

"Why so serious?!" haha. We like to pretend we can be models. ;o)

another family pic...

and just ME! :o)

Christmas 2008!

Christmas was fun this year...although i do have to admit that it didn't feel much like Christmas. Me and Ally have come to the conclusion that it is because we didn't come home for Christmas and have a real "break". Instead we just lived our every day to day lives and still had work and what not. But STILL...Christmas was wonderful! I just love this holiday season! :o)

So we had our family Christmas get together with the Wayde Clark family a week earlier...so that way they didn't have to drive down from San Diego on Christmas day. It was a fun dinner and it was nice to get to see the family we don't always get to see! :o) (and we took family pictures that day...future post to come)

On Christmas Eve we spent the day at our house with Matt and Lauren and Grandma and Grandpa Hartley. We ate lots of good food and had fun together as a family. We have a tradition to open pajamas on Christmas Eve. I love it...because if you know me you know that i LIVE in pajamas! ha. Once i come home i put my pajama pants on :o) Then we went to bed (and we made a bed on our floor so Jonni could sleep with us) and just waited for Santa to come! ;o)

Here are some pictures from the night...
We love Matt--and we love making funny faces!

again...with our silly faces and poses! :o)

haha. This one makes me laugh. Matching PJ's!

How cute! Matti and Grandma Great. Doesn't Mattison just have the cutest smile?!

We also got these cute slippers! I love them.

Me and JJ. Ok, we don't look our best...but i still like it!

CHRISTMAS DAY! What a wonderful, happy day! :o) We slept in until 9:30...no more waking up at 6:00am like when we were little. haha. Both of our Grandma's came over and we opened our stockings...my FAVORITE part! We have these amazing stockings that someone made for us that are knitted so they are huge and can stretch HUGE. ha. So we get lots of fun stuff in our stockings! :o) After we waited around until Lauren and Matt came over. My Dad was the 'Santa' and passed our presents as we watched each person open a gift. (P.S. my Dad came out in these Santa boxer shorts...we were seriously peeing! It was hilarious!) I got an MP3 player (yay!), skull candy ear phones, DVDs, a CD (daughtry), make-up book (that i LOVE), movie tickets and more! :o) After that we all had breakfast (Christmas morning casserole...a Skousen tradition...yummy!) and then just played around with Lauren and Matt's new Wii. We were lazy and did whatever. And then for dinner we went over to Grandma Clark's and had dinner with Kent and Heidi's family. Overall, great day! :o) Lots of fun spending time with the family and enjoying each others company!
We look like total crap, but i couldn't help posting it because of Mattison! She is adorable!!!

Hope everyone and their families had a fabulous Christmas week! :o)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Can you guys believe Christmas is almost here?! Time has flown by! :o) And guess what?! I still have shopping to do...i went today and tried finding stuff that i wanted to get and couldn't find any of it! Bummer! I might go out shopping tonight some more...we'll see!

This week has been good...I worked, did lots of peoples hair, went to Disneyland (which made me happy because i hadn't been in a long time!), my best friend is home! (love you Natalie), had a Clark family Christmas dinner and took a family pic, and didn't have work today...so i got to relax and have fun! But the sucky thing is i feel like i am starting to get sick...boo hoo! I keep sneezing and have the sniffles. I have been taking AirBourne and hope it starts working!

Oh...and Jonni got her license! CRAZY! :o)

Things i am looking forward to:
* Eating this potato soup my mom made. haha.
* Tai Pan Christmas party tomorrow night.
* Seeing pics of Laci's baby!
* Spending time with Natalie.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Goodbye Lame Bryant!"

(Ok...so picture me doing the Skousen's 'so long, farewell' song and saying...) "Goooodbyeee--Gooodbyeee--Goodbyeeeeeee!!" haha. When i said goodbye that last part of the song is all i could think of while waving! :o) Love it!

Anyways...It is officially goodbye to Lame Bryant! How funny that i was just saying yesterday that i was so annoyed with them. Well i worked last night from 5-11 (suppose to at least). So i get to work and do my thing. So i had done a few 'projects' they wanted me to do and finished them. While i am in the middle of my next 'project' with Nanette, another co-worker yells to me (at about 7:15)..."oh and Maria (my manager) says you can go!" -- "like for the night?!" -- "yea, she says we are just too slow." No duh...maybe because you have 7 workers here...LITERALLY, 7 people working on a Wednesday night-- again, LAME! I was so irritated because she sent only me home when she only gave me 9 hours that week to begin with. So i was leaving and i saw Maria. I went up and told her that i wouldn't be able to work next week because i was working every day at my other job. She told me "well that's a problem because i already made the schedule and scheduled you" -- "oh, I'm sorry i told rosemary last week when she told you my other hours that i wasn't going to be able to work the next week at all." -- "Well i make the schedule...you need to tell ME!" I'm sorry that's it's only Wednesday Maria!!! Eesh! So she told me that i needed to figure out which was more a priority and i told her the few hours just weren't good enough for me...so that was that. She says she will call in all my hours and i can go get my check. I am actually soo relieved that i don't work there anymore! I am a lot happier with the decision i made! :o)

So then i get home and my family is all confused...haha. But i got to eat dinner with them and then Ally was going to color my hair, but we ended up doing some Christmas shopping for a co-workers name she has. After a few hours of shopping...Me, Ally and my Mom decided we want a milkshake, even when it is pouring rain! haha. So we stop off at Legends, our favorite place! It's a little fifties diner place that is decorated with all this old, vintage stuff. It's fun! They seriously know us and probably what we are going to order most the time. hehe. Maybe that's a bad thing? :o) So we just talked and ate...it was fun!

Then we got home...i watched 'Day of our Lives' with my Mom--it's a little obsession of ours. haha. I've only gotten into it the last few months. And then after that read some TWILIGHT! :o) I think it's my third time. (p.s. totally was disappointed with the movie. it has noooothing on the books! what do you guys think?!) And then just went to bed!

Oh and before work i cut and colored JoLynn's hair. She is my mom's cousin and a usual. :o) And a few minutes later a friend from church came over and i cut her fringe (not bangs...FRINGE! l0l). It makes me want to get my license more and more. I love doing hair and want to work in a salon! I am so stupid and procrastinate everything! Oh well!

So that was my day! :o)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little bit of everything...

YES...it has been almost 2 months since i have posted a blog--i am HORRIBLE! So, since i feel like i never have anything to blog about, my solution is just going to be to make my blog more generic and more like a journal--not of just events that have happened. That way hopefully i will do it more often and every few days! :o) And yes...i do have a boring life right now! haha.

ANYWAYS! So what has been happening in my life?! (If you really want to know details you should check out my sister, Lauren's, blog.) Well i have been having a good time living in California with all my family. That's the part i LOVE! :o) If it weren't for them i would be back in Utah in a heart beat...but i love being my family and my new niece--who by the way i just adore! Mattison has been such a joy in my life...she really just seems to make me happy when i am not having the best day. We see her pretty much every day because "grandma" (isn't that weird to think...my moms a grandma! haha) babysits and what not--and i love that! She is such a happy baby and we just adore her to no end!! :o)

THANKSGIVING was alot of fun! We didn't have a huge crowd this year...just our family and grandma and grandpa hartley and cliff, jenette and chelsea came down to celebrate with us this year too. We sat around and talked, played games and ate lots of YUMMY food! We really have to thank my mom for that...she is seriously and AWESOME cook and spent the whole day cooking! My mom is wonderful and pretty much the best mom anyone could ever have! :o) So sometimes i feel like my life is boring and that i do nothing...but i really do have alot to be thankful for!

HAIR! So i am trying to grow my hair out. I don't want it to be super long--just like a medium length. I got it cut about a month ago more even so i can grow it out. And pretty much i miss my hair stylist back in Utah. But i like it enough and am excited to see it a little longer for a change! :o)

MY JOBS! So i havn't really said much about my jobs...maybe because it is so complicated! haha. You all know that i work at Lane Bryant--or LAME Bryant as me and my family like to call it. haha. I wasn't getting enough hours and when i got the job our manager had told us if we needed to get another job she would be totally fine with that. Well, i got another job and it seemed quite the opposite. She seemed kinda mad, which made me mad! haha. I didn't care because i was happier with my new job at "V Chocolates" (inside Tai Pan Trading). So Lame Bryant continued to even give me less hours...like 9 hours at most a week...yea, LAME! So i liked the job at V Chocolates...it was so easy! I sad behind this tiny little counter and sold chocolates--which was rare because they are expensive and not many people wanted them. haha. But we had one problem...we didn't like our manager! She was so dumb and irritating. Well, to make a long story short, she got fired and she had hired waaay to many girls for what we needed. So i was pretty much out a job. UNTIL Tai Pan Trading came to the rescue! They offered me and another girl, Camilla (who i LOVE! :o)), a job as a cashier at their store and still get the same pay! (which is $12 and hour...amazing!) So now i am a cashier at Tai Pan Trading and absolutely LOVE it! (and i am very lucky i still have a job because they just let off 15 people total. yikes!) I am so much happier there than i was at V Chocolates. I am hoping to get more hours there and leave Lame Bryant! :o) Let's hope! And if you have not been to Tai Pan Trading...YOU SHOULD!!! It is an amaaaazing store!! Check it out! http://www.taipantrading.com/

CHRISTMAS! I love this holiday season! That's why i love going to work every day--because it's filled with Christmas stuff and such a fun place to be. I love that it is raining! It seems more like winter :o) I also love listening to all the Christmas music! You know, sometimes we all make it so stressful--like my family trying to figure out what to wear for our pictures we are taking on sunday. And me not knowing what to get Ally for her gift! haha. But really it shouldn't be! It should be something we love and look forward to...celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! The love that we have for each other and just that holiday cheer everyone has! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year and really think about the true meaning of it all!

Hopefully i can be better at blogging! :o) I know i love reading everyone elses!


Me and my hair cut...it will eventually get long! :o)
Mattison looking SO cute!!
Lauren and Matti at the beach...adorable!
Thanksgiving...Me, Ally, ChelseaMe being ME! haha. Eating some apple pie!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Such a comfy bed!

Wow...this is kinda embaressing, but oh well! :o) As you can see by the pictures, mine and Ally's room can get VERY messy with clothes (that's actually ally's side in the pics. ha) and apparently the dogs find it to be a very comfy bed to lay on! We had to take pictures!
Roxy and Tally both loved the clothes.
Look at that cute face! HAHA! :o)

A GATE...are you serious?!

Many of you know what our "gate" looked like before...blue barrels! Haha! We got one of our dogs several years ago and needed something to keep them from wandering out...which is why we had the blue barrels. They were suppose to be temporary...but you know how things go in the Clark house! :o) We had them for years and my mom would always bug my dad about getting a real gate...and it never happened! WELLLL everyone- we finally got a beautiful gate!!! :o)

Here are some pictures from the night it was being set up:
Thanks Dad and Ally for all the hard work!
Just some detailHaha. So the dogs LOVED us working out here. They felt so special to be by us. They stayed right behind the fence the whole time. They were making us laugh! "Oh no! Only one more piece left! What am i going to do?!"The girls love the new gate. This is what they do every time we drive up. Haha. The first time we saw them we were peeing! they are so cute! :o)

And i just realized that we don't have a picture of the finished masterpiece...but i think you get the idea of what it looks like! :o)

Lauren's Haircut

I cut Lauren's hair a few weeks ago. I loved the way it turned out! :o) I am trying to somewhat grow my hair out (like mid shoulder area) and seeing these pictures AND considering how ugly i look during the process of growing my hair out, makes me want to chop it all off again! Haha. Lauren is gorgeous! She looks HOT in these pictures! ;o) And doesn't she look amazing for just having a baby?! YEA!
Ok,maybe she doesn't look too hot here! haha. We love Lauren!Look at that gorgeous face!Side view of the lovely hair.If you want your hair done...come to me! :o)HOTTNESS!

I love my cat

My cat, Kitsy, makes me laugh! :o) She will curl up and get all cozy in the funniest places! Here is her most recent favorite place to lay...Mattison's bouncer! Haha! She's a cutie! :o)

Oh, and see the picture of the computer? Well one morning at 4am i heard Kitsy meowing and clawing at papers on my desk (she wanted out!) When i hear her do this i get furious! I just want to sleep you dumb cat! l0l. Well the next morning i heard Ally say, "OH MY GOSH!!" I go in to the room and find this...Kitsy had clawed on her lap top keys and picked them off. This wasn't even all of them. Ally still hasn't figured out how to put the last 2 on. You crazy cat!


We had a rain storm a few weeks ago. Ally and my mom walked out the door to find this beautiful RAINBOW! Awesome, huh? I love rainbows! They are so pretty! :o)

L.A. County Fair

So this is what happens when you take over a month to finally download pictures from your camera! :o)

We went to the L.A. County Fair near the end of September. Before, we weren't sure if we would be able to go because we figured Lauren would still be pregnant...but little Matti came EARLY! :0) So we were excited that we got to go. We just went one night for a few hours and walked through all the exibits. Me and my sisters have been wanting a permanent toe ring and we found some at one of the exibit stations! YAY! It's a small silver one made with little dots. I like it! We also love the fair because of the animals! We spent a lot of time at the animal area...and here are a few of the pictures (well, the only pictures we actually took at the fair, haha)
Jonni's farmer face-

Ally's farmer face-

and MY farmer face-

The three little pigs-

I love all the picture face things! :o)

Monday, October 27, 2008

TAGGED (i love these things)

List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random surprises about yourself.

3 Joys...
1. Having a niece. Mattison is my love! <3
2. Being at the beach on a perfect, sunny day.
3. Having such great family and friends to spend time with.

3 Fears...
1. The dark. It REALLY scares me!
2. Never finding a guy! haha. (being alone in general)
3. Not being the person i can be.

3 Goals...
1. To FINALLY get my california cosmotolegy license. :) (i procrastinate)
2. To get married in the temple and have a wonderful family.
3. To eat healthy and get fit. Stick to my goals of losing weight.

3 Current Obsessions...
1. Having crushes on guys and thinking they are all going to be my "future husband". haha!
2. Going on the computer and checking like 24/7 my facebook, myspace, and blogspot. (i'm cool like that)
3. Frozen yogurt! I love me some Golden Spoon! "Mmm."

3 Random Surprises...
1. When i was younger i had a really nice, cute, bubble butt. One day in elementary school when my mom picked me up she said i was so mad and i proceeded to say..."oh my gosh mom...a fifth grader came up to me and said.'NICE BUTT!' can you believe that?!" hahaha. Oh, i wish i had that problem now! ;)
2. I really like the way Laci does her smiley's :o) and i think i might start copying her!
3. I was a catcher in softball growing up...and a dang good one, too! :o)

I am now tagging...
1. Melissa Smith
2. Jenny Hunter
3. Emily Montoya
and anyone else! :o) [[thanks for the new smiley Lac, l0l]]

"Oops, i did it again!"

Haha! I did it again...NO BLOGGING! I am so bad at this! But i have a few posts to do in the next few days...some are kinda older...but i think better late than never. Things to look forward to.......
  • We got a new fence! woohoo! (no more blue barrels)
  • We had a fabulous Costa Vida Night!
  • NEW job at V-Chocolates and Tai Pan Traiding!
  • And possibly one about all my FUTURE HUSBANDS! (haha!)

So come back within the next few days and hopefully i will have some new posts! Thanks guys! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Google Game

This is how it works: for each question look up the answer on google image search. Choose your favorite picture from the FIRST page only.

My age:

My favorite color:

My favorite vacation spot:
Bass Lake

Where i live:
Southern California

Where i grew up:

Where i'd like to travel:
Paris (Europe)

My favorite food:
Costa Vida (we are having a costa night on saturday! yay!)

My favorite treat:
Golden Spoon. (Mmm!)
My current job:
Lane Bryant and Hairstylist

My favorite animal:
Dogs (look at those adorable faces!)

The car i drive:
Ford Focus

My first name:

My middle name:

My last name:

What I Am Doing Now:

I tag:
Ally, Stacey, Lauren, Laci, Katie, Emily, and the Skousen Sisters! (and anyone else who wants to do it) Have fun! Can't wait to see the pictures you choose! :)