Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Job Update

I was very happy at Tai Pan Trading...until i got laid off! Annoying!!! :( I was one of the 30 total to get laid off...isn't that insane?! The annoying part--i went in to Tai Pan yesterday, December 29, to get something for my aunt. All of my managers said hi to me and everything. Well i get home and later that night had a message on my phone from Fred, my manager, that he needed to tell me something and to call him as soon as possible. I had a feeling what he wanted to tell me...yikes! I was nervous, but still called...and sure enough he told me that they just had too many people working for the amount of hours they could give out and i was one of the last people to be hired. SAD! I was soo angry that they just didn't tell me when i was there...instead had to do it over the phone! Rage! And then they want me to come in to work on Friday (the one day i was scheduled) to pick up my check...I'm sorry, but I'm not driving a half hour just to get my check...please send! Thanks! ha.

The funny thing is...my friend, Camilla, still works at v choc and she told me that today they were running around trying to find people who were coming in because it was so crazy...but they figured out that nobody was...because nobody was scheduled! haha. She said there were 3 or 4 registers open with about 10 people in each line...haha! Maybe they got rid of too many people?! :o)

Anyways...that's my job update--JOBLESS, yet again! :( Boo Hoo! [[but i realize this might be a good thing for me--maybe it will make me finally get my California cosmo license like i should have forever ago!]]

Bring on the job hunting! haha.


The Skousens said...

I am still raged at the whole situation! What a bummer Tay, but like you said, you can work on your Cosmo license now!!!

Camilla and Tim said...

I still can't believe this whole thing.... and its such a weird feeling in there now! I'm sure by the end of the week my work situation will be different.... I just wish we could get it over with! ugh! too bad we didn't try and be bff with some people ;) hahaha