Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mattison!

My little niecer just had her 1st Birthday the 26th! (read about it) I can't believe that she is already ONE YEAR OLD! Crazy! but i love her SO much!!!! She makes my life so much happier! I think she is the cutest thing ever (i'm not biased or anything haha) and i am so happy she has joined our family! LOVE YOU MATTI!

I was just playing around with my moms camera the other day and these are a few that i liked of our little matti! :o)
She DOES love her mommy...and Daddy too! ;o)
Haha...the sprinkles! Jonni wanted to try and see if sprinkles would stick to her lips...and they kinda did! So she gave Matti a kiss and this was her reaction! :o)
I love this one! She is so beautiful!
Just messin' around with editing...
Splish Splash i was takin' a bath! I just can't resist this adorable face! :o)

Her Birthday party is this Saturday, so i will be sure to post some pictures! :o)

Eight Legs

Ok...creepiest thing! We stepped out of front door the other night and saw THIS! It was a huge wolf spider (or somethin) making it's web...
And here is a better look at the spider...

I do not enjoy spiders...and they sure aren't my friends! haha. Does anybody actually not mind spiders?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ring Ring has arrived! My new Blackberry tour! :o) I have always been on my Dad's Business plan...but he told me it is time that i start paying for my own...tear! haha. So i got to upgrade my phone and i chose the Blackberry. So far i am liking it alot, but it is also very confusing. I just really need to sit down for a few hours and read the manual and play around with it. I hear everyone loves them...i'm excited! :o) [p.s. if you have a blackberry and got any tips for me...go ahead and share them!]

So, what kind of phones does everyone else have?! Do you like it, or ready for a new one?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haha...How many more uses to get to the end of Jonni's eye liner?! :o)

Class of 2010!

My little sister is all grown up! Today was her first day of her Senior year of High School! :o) Good luck this year JJ! Love you!

Her outfit...isn't she so pretty?!
Her new messenger bag...she is in love with it! haha.
her cute teal shoes...
leaving the house...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gabe Bondoc

OMG...this is my new favorite guy! He is AMAZING! [like really]

"Forever" a Chris Brown Cover

"Viva La Vida" a Coldplay Cover

"Love Story" a Taylor Swift Cover (From Romeo's Perspective)

I could listen to all his songs all day! :o)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer '09

Taylor's happenings in the past few months (since i never blog about them anymore)! [[in no particular order]]

Clark Family Reunion at the Beach:

Cousins Meredith and Eliza and Matti

We celebrated our Dad's Birthday with everyone...Parker enjoyed the balloons on the cake! haha.

Bon fav!


The whole gang

water balloon fight at the and jill got wet!

at the zoo...i blew a kiss to Evalyn and she blew one back! i love gorillas!

picnic at a train was HOT so everyone was looking for shade :o)

BEACH...yes that is me...yes i got pooped on by a seagull!

me and jonni sunbathing :o)

Went to Disneyland with Justin, Jill and Kennedy

DODGER's Mormon Night:

with the seesters...

the field...and mine and ally's ugly feet :o)

Disneyland...Several different times:
Jonni being Crush...she's special :o)

Casey Junior's Train ride...

Matterhorn! don't you love my face?! it was SUNNY!

"hi...i'm a rabbit!"

Lauren, Me, and Natalie in line for Toy Story...

Visiting Teaching

So i am the Visiting Teaching Coordinator in my ward and sadly i am SO bad at getting my visiting teaching done for the month! I am going to try so hard this month to get it done! :o) Is anyone really good at going and if so do you have any tips for me? OR does your ward do anything that i should pass along and try for my ward? IDEAS WELCOMED! :o)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoying a nice cup of this...


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU...

So why is finding a Birthday present for my Dad SO dang hard?! Every year we struggle with what to get him...he has gotten so much stuff that he never uses, that it just collects dust in the corner of his room. So this year me and ally wanted to get him something...but again the question of what?! We thought about Glenn Beck's book "Common Sense" (but they didn't have it in audio at Target and lets just say that he hasn't read a book since 5th grade. ha), cute T-shirts he could wear to work, TV series DVD episodes, etc. AND THEN i had this fabulous idea of getting him a new phone cover for his blackberry since his clip broke. Finally something he might actually need and enjoy! :o) So we go to an AT&T store since it was by Target, even though we have Sprint, and of course they didn't have it! and my mom said "why don't we just ask them if they know where the nearest Sprint store is?" whaaat? are you serious mom...this is another company, we aren't going to ask them! haha. me and ally thought it was funny. so we finally find a Sprint store and of course they didn't have it either...dang it! So i guess parpy wasn't getting anything from us! haha. But we did end up going to Wood Ranch for his Birthday (most delicious place ever) and eating tons of their yummy garlic rolls...mmmm! (guess i wasn't counting my calories today!) and lauren, matt and jonni ended up finding the audio book for him. and today we had a special dinner for him with a chocolate, mint and chip, ice cream cake ally was absolutely DELISH! :P Thanks sister!

Anyways, we had a great weekend celebrating our Dad's 50th Birthday!!! As jonni put it, "he is half way to a hundred! wow!" haha.
The ice cream cake...yum! his face! blowing out his candles :o)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hey heeey!

Me and Jonni (T &J) have created a new blog for our weight loss journey!!! :o) Go take a look...seriously!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One year older and wiser too...


Lac was my BEST friend at Paul Mitchell! I haven't seen her for atleast 3 years and i miss her terribly! Hopefully one day we will get to see eachother again! :o) She is amazing!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACI!!! Have a fabulous day!

[her and her adorable little girl, Elle]

LoVe YoU!