Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visiting Teaching

So i am the Visiting Teaching Coordinator in my ward and sadly i am SO bad at getting my visiting teaching done for the month! I am going to try so hard this month to get it done! :o) Is anyone really good at going and if so do you have any tips for me? OR does your ward do anything that i should pass along and try for my ward? IDEAS WELCOMED! :o)


Laci & Daniel said...

AWESOME site! Has hand-outs, printable lesson, and just so many cute ideas!

Taylor said...

Yea...that is the one sie i found too! i actually have used an idea from them and gave it to my girls at church :o) Thanks Lac!

Camilla and Tim said...

Our ward has been doing this thing where we are working toward 100%, a few months ago we had 80 something percent... anyway when we improved (a ton from the previous months) they made brownies and took them around to all the women in the ward during church. Meaning we even got them in Primary, they didn't forget about us :) haha