Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mattison!

My little niecer just had her 1st Birthday the 26th! (read about it) I can't believe that she is already ONE YEAR OLD! Crazy! but i love her SO much!!!! She makes my life so much happier! I think she is the cutest thing ever (i'm not biased or anything haha) and i am so happy she has joined our family! LOVE YOU MATTI!

I was just playing around with my moms camera the other day and these are a few that i liked of our little matti! :o)
She DOES love her mommy...and Daddy too! ;o)
Haha...the sprinkles! Jonni wanted to try and see if sprinkles would stick to her lips...and they kinda did! So she gave Matti a kiss and this was her reaction! :o)
I love this one! She is so beautiful!
Just messin' around with editing...
Splish Splash i was takin' a bath! I just can't resist this adorable face! :o)

Her Birthday party is this Saturday, so i will be sure to post some pictures! :o)


Laci & Daniel said...

So I peaked on Lauren's blog and was LOVING the video of Matti walking!I was laughing and getting so excited for elle to experience those things! And I LOVE the pics you took tay!! Clearly your family has a knack! The sprinkle lips one cracks me up :o) What a doll!

Natalie said...

Tay, I love the pics. I love the sprinkles reaction. Jonni is a dork. I love the bathtub one. and i love the Lauren & Matti one. So fun. I love your fam. I miss them all terribly. I totally agree that Matti is one of the cutest dolls that I've ever met, and I'm definitely NOT biased!
Love you all!