Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines Day 2009!

Valentins this year was SO much fun! :o) Us kids didn't want to try and face the crowd at a restaurant so we just decided to have our own dinner and fun at our house. We wanted to make it special! We decided to have an italian "candle light dinner" haha. It was a blast! We had some little tea light canldes in the shape of a heart...goblet plates...sparkling cidar & a yummy red punch...and then our spaghetti and bread! Delish!! :o) And then we had the lights dimmed with some classical music really felt like we were at a restaurant! We said this is going to be our tradition every year from now on! hehe.

our "candle lit dinner" too bad 2 of them were duds. ..

here it be...

my date! haha.

we were trying to be RE's! i'm pretty sure it worked! l0l...

the other couple! i'm so glad they joined us!

Then for dessert we made chocolate dipped strawberries...YUM!
Our Valentines continued on to Sunday! My mom made this delicious heart shaped meat loaf and lots of other yummy food! I just LOVE our Sunday family dinner get togethers!
it may not look the prettiest...but it sure was delish!
and for dessert Ally made this cute heart shaped cake...
isn't it pretty?! :o)
It was a fun Valentines this year filled with family, fun, good food and lots of LOVE! <3

Friday, February 13, 2009

6th picture tag...

*Go to your 6th folder and get the 6th picture!*

Hahaha! I just have to laugh at the picture it was! :o) You know one of those days when you like something and wanna take some myspace/facebook pics? (pretty much just facebook b/c i only have a myspace so my cousin aaron can 'email' me) l0l! I think i liked my make-up! So here's my "skanky" pic! hehe!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My new fav site! for like the millionth time in my life i am trying to lose weight! :o) But this time i feel really motivated! (Wait...havn't i said that before too?! haha) Anyways...there is this site that i found that i LOVE! It keeps me motivated and i joined a few groups where you support eachother and weigh in every week and give eachother advice and tips. You have a profile where it tells you how many calories you should be eating for how many pounds you want to lose each week. So you track your daily food/calories and daily exercise. It is a really cool site and i love that they have free stuff like this! Lauren has also joined it with me and we have both lost weight already! YAY...go us! :o)

So i might start doing a weekly post where i 'weigh in' with you guys....well not give you my weight (haha) but just how much i lost (or gained...hopefully i wont have too many of those)! And then also maybe give you my fav tip i learned or fav recipes...or something like that! :o)

Ally's Birthday!

Since you can get into Disneyland for free on your birthday we (The Clark clan plus Matt, Laur and Matti) decided to go for my sister, Ally's birthday (January 19th)!!! But if you're already an Annual Passholder, you can get a birthday fun card in the amount equal to the price of a 1-Day park ticket to buy whatever you want (I think that's so cool). So, we all decided to get annual passes this year! And as a sidenote, if you ever get an annual pass, get one at Costco because the second highest annual pass is $250 which is the same price at Disneyland, but Costco gives you a free $50 gift card (which you can put toward parking if you want) and then if you go on your birthday you get a $70 giftcard, so that's $120 for free!!! And i am so excited to have a pass because i can go whenever i want to (well except for some block out days) and a few of my friends have them too! :o) I love Disneyland! P.S. i am going tomorrow for a few hours for my Grandma Clark's birthday and then again next Thursday for my aunt Jenae's birthday!! So fun! :o)

We had a fun day even though it was a bit crowded since it was a holiday! Oh and these pictures are all going to be out of order...but oh well! You get to see them...right? :o)

Me, Ally, and Jonni were waiting in line for Crush's Turtle Talk show at California Adeventure's...which, by the way, i LOVE that show! But anyways, me and Jonni were getting a little crazy at this point of the day (we get crazy some time or another while we are at acting drunk crazy haha) So me and Jonni were trying to act like a 'couple'. haha. It was pretty funny!

We were busting up...she was pretending to kiss me! ;o)

"Hi...i'm a fish!"

The 'awkward turtle'

All of us (minus the marmy) in front of the castle!


Ughhh!!! Trapped in the bars at Toon Town. I forgot how much i love Toon Town! It's so cute!

"Hi...i'm a princess!" haha.

"Hi...i'm the Birthday girl!" The whole reason we were there! :o)

Our precious princess!! Isn't she getting so big?!

We never take pictures while we are at we tried to take some! hehe. It was perfect timing with the boat passing by!

And this was before we were at seriously just makes me i had to add it! :o) This reminds me of a classic 'lauren picture' where she always talks! haha.
YAY for Disneyland!! :o) I loved that day!