Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My new fav site! for like the millionth time in my life i am trying to lose weight! :o) But this time i feel really motivated! (Wait...havn't i said that before too?! haha) Anyways...there is this site that i found that i LOVE! It keeps me motivated and i joined a few groups where you support eachother and weigh in every week and give eachother advice and tips. You have a profile where it tells you how many calories you should be eating for how many pounds you want to lose each week. So you track your daily food/calories and daily exercise. It is a really cool site and i love that they have free stuff like this! Lauren has also joined it with me and we have both lost weight already! YAY...go us! :o)

So i might start doing a weekly post where i 'weigh in' with you guys....well not give you my weight (haha) but just how much i lost (or gained...hopefully i wont have too many of those)! And then also maybe give you my fav tip i learned or fav recipes...or something like that! :o)


The Skousens said...

Such a great website!!! I'm glad that we have each other for support!!

Doney Days said...

That sounds awesome! I best be getting on there after this baby is born!