Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines Day 2009!

Valentins this year was SO much fun! :o) Us kids didn't want to try and face the crowd at a restaurant so we just decided to have our own dinner and fun at our house. We wanted to make it special! We decided to have an italian "candle light dinner" haha. It was a blast! We had some little tea light canldes in the shape of a heart...goblet plates...sparkling cidar & a yummy red punch...and then our spaghetti and bread! Delish!! :o) And then we had the lights dimmed with some classical music really felt like we were at a restaurant! We said this is going to be our tradition every year from now on! hehe.

our "candle lit dinner" too bad 2 of them were duds. ..

here it be...

my date! haha.

we were trying to be RE's! i'm pretty sure it worked! l0l...

the other couple! i'm so glad they joined us!

Then for dessert we made chocolate dipped strawberries...YUM!
Our Valentines continued on to Sunday! My mom made this delicious heart shaped meat loaf and lots of other yummy food! I just LOVE our Sunday family dinner get togethers!
it may not look the prettiest...but it sure was delish!
and for dessert Ally made this cute heart shaped cake...
isn't it pretty?! :o)
It was a fun Valentines this year filled with family, fun, good food and lots of LOVE! <3


Laci & Daniel said...

fun times tay!! i love the pic w/ you and joni hehe :o) its so fun to just chill w/the fam... daniel and i did valentines at home this year too! candle light dinner, sparkling cider...the whole bit... great minds think alike!! miss u!

Doney Days said...

Mmmmmm, looks yummy. I love the meatloaf! Hilarious!

The Skousens said...

So I thought that I commented this, but I guess not! What a fun night that was...I love us!!!