Friday, July 18, 2008


So since Grandma Clark has no more baby grandchildren...she decided to give this bib to my mom, since she is going to be a grandma soon! (yay for matti or clark) me and jonni were being so gay that night and i decided to put the bib on. yea...pretty hideous! haha. we were just having so much fun though!
So here is the video that me and jonni took! it is so ugly! haha. but me and jonni love watching it...every time we do we pee and crack up! i love it! "my heart belongs to grandma!" ohhh...and in the video you will get to hear my ugly voice that i do! it has become a habit for us to do ugly! :]

make over....

When i went to utah natalie wanted me to totally cut her hair! It was so much fun and she ended up look pretty dang sexy! ;] haha.
It's cute, huh? Natalie is just so pretty! i love her to death!!!!! :]


Funny this is when we were in utah visiting. we had gotten ready at the skousen's and at this point we were at janae's house visiting with melissa and janae and christy. we were all talking and ally just starts busting up laughing! we were so confused and kept asking what happened! she just kept laughing and said "look at my feet" so we did and at first none of us really noticed. but look closely! she has mis-matched flip flops on! haha. and then we look over at matt's feet...and so does he! l0l. we all started busting up. it was pretty funny! matt earlier went to put his on and saw one and just out the other one right next to his on...well it was ally's! the funny thing is we had been doing stuff for a while and they JUST then noticed! pretty funny! :]
ally's sandle on the left and matt's on the right

and this is why i miss utah! it is so pretty!! this is the view we saw every day coming out of our condo! :] love it!

why i love the skousen's!

They have the cutest kids that i just love!!!!
This is Carter, Jenny's little boy. Me and Ally think this picture is so funny!

Nathan, Karen & christian's boy and carter. They are so dang cute!

cheeser! the cutest little guy...but quite the terror! haha

Zane and Gavin, Heather & Dan's boys. They are just soo sweet!

Gavin! I seriously wish i had his eye lashes! it was funny because i was talking to him and i said "Gavin...i love your eye lashes, can i have them?!" and he looked up at me and smiled and closed his eyes you go! haha. such a cutie!!

me and gavin! i just adore this kid!!! :]

This is a video that we took at the skousen's. me and ally were trying to entertain gavin and zane for a while! they actually did love it...just tossing the balloon back and forth and not letting it touch the floor. i love gavin at the end "it's on the floor now" trying to copy me. they are just so cute and i miss seeing them!

Random Pics...

These are all random pictures that remind me of some good memories i had in utah!

Our cousin morgan went to UofU and was in Utah the whole year. This shows how bad we were...we only got together once the whole time! But this is a picture of us at the movies...we saw "Juno"...i liked it!

me and ally at a rugby game with our friend andrea. haha. rugby is an AWESOME sport...especially since you get to look at the hotties in their attractive outfits! haha. but i had a crush on one of the players...mike smith (aka "shorty" between me and ally) and i didn't even know him! l0l.

at a baseball game watching Dan vargas. blowin' our bubbles! it was a bitter cold night too!

our easter party!!! this was a really fun night. i just love this picture! it shows how much fun we had together :]

Costa vida!!! I will forever love that place! i looooved working there and met some awesome people!
and this is at heidi's wedding...we were at the temple. i love this picture! wind blown hair is my favorite some times! :]

way back when i lived in utah...

VERY OLD....i know! but i was looking through pics and found these and decided "what the heck!" i'll make a post. haha. This was at Timp Gateway....the best place to ever live in utah!!! haha. one night me and ally were bored and found these sparklers that were YEARS old (i think we got them a long long time ago at the skousens haha) and decided to go use them! i think it was like in april. totally random, but fun!

here i am!

ally lookin' cute with her sparkler

it was so fun! is thr proof! they were so old that they would not light! me and ally tried and tried. it was so funny...we couldn't stop laughing!

yay sparklers! i look awkward...but that's ok! l0l.

Monday, July 14, 2008

BACK TRACKING...trip to utah!

First off, i need to tell you about my frustrations!!! I have all of my pictures that i want to use on Ally's computer (like i said earlier) and i put all of these pictures i wanted to use into their own folder to make it easier. Well for a few days now i have been wanting to post SEVERAL blogs....and every time i go toupload the pictures it wont let me!!!! it just does the upload thing for like an hour! so i decided to try and see if it would work from thr web. and sure did! how stupid! so i have to add all my pics now to the internet and then get them from the site to here through the URL. can we say annoying?! haha. ok. done with that. :] on to the post!

This is the Utah trip that Ally, me, Lauren, and Matt took about a month after we had left Utah. We went up for Jenny & Ben's wedding (lauren and matt's sister) ...and for andrew's blessing. (missy's little boy & lauren and matt's nephew) Me and Ally were so excited to go back to utah because at this point we really missed it and all of our friends. Plus, every time we spend time with the Skousen's we have a blast. I love their family! So...the day before we were going to leave we had to go to good 'ol Provo and visit the BEST FRIEND, natalie!! :] We went to costa vida of course and enjoyed a yummy meal. It was awesome because before i left i told my boss i wanted free meal cards so i didn't have to pay when i came back. haha. he said that would be fine, but he had to re-order them still. Sooo...when i go there to visit everyone he gave me 10 free meal cards. PRETTY COOL! :] and we didn't have to use them that day because my good friend jenn who works there hooked us all up anyways :] then after that we went to BYU campus and of course got an ice cream at the creamery and then we had to get byu creamery ranch and chocolate milk to bring home! if you have not tried either of have to!! amazing!!!! :] we met up with natalie and had a blast! after that we went to her apartment and cut her hair (later post with pics for that) and went in the hot tub and just talked and had a good time! life as great! i miss utah ALOT!!!!

after a long night at natalie's. we just kept taking a TON of pics together...and they all turned out pretty bad! haha.

" name is taylor and i have a missing tooth!" l0l! this picture makes me PMP!

just another one of our pics we took. you gotta have the kissy face!

in the byu bookstore...people were getting annoyed with us, i'm sure! but we were having fun :]

"RAWR!!!!!!!" haha. go cougars! :]

I'm BAD!

So i have just come to the conclusion that i am a HORRIBLE blogger!! I am always on my mom's computer and all of the pictures i want are on Ally's therefore i just don't post anything! :] I promise i will post some new stuff soon!! So come back in a few days everyone!