Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Pics...

These are all random pictures that remind me of some good memories i had in utah!

Our cousin morgan went to UofU and was in Utah the whole year. This shows how bad we were...we only got together once the whole time! But this is a picture of us at the movies...we saw "Juno"...i liked it!

me and ally at a rugby game with our friend andrea. haha. rugby is an AWESOME sport...especially since you get to look at the hotties in their attractive outfits! haha. but i had a crush on one of the players...mike smith (aka "shorty" between me and ally) and i didn't even know him! l0l.

at a baseball game watching Dan vargas. blowin' our bubbles! it was a bitter cold night too!

our easter party!!! this was a really fun night. i just love this picture! it shows how much fun we had together :]

Costa vida!!! I will forever love that place! i looooved working there and met some awesome people!
and this is at heidi's wedding...we were at the temple. i love this picture! wind blown hair is my favorite some times! :]

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The Skousens said...

You girls sure did have lots of fun in Provo, but just think, now that you're in California you can have fun with your little niece or nephew soon!!!