Friday, July 18, 2008

way back when i lived in utah...

VERY OLD....i know! but i was looking through pics and found these and decided "what the heck!" i'll make a post. haha. This was at Timp Gateway....the best place to ever live in utah!!! haha. one night me and ally were bored and found these sparklers that were YEARS old (i think we got them a long long time ago at the skousens haha) and decided to go use them! i think it was like in april. totally random, but fun!

here i am!

ally lookin' cute with her sparkler

it was so fun! is thr proof! they were so old that they would not light! me and ally tried and tried. it was so funny...we couldn't stop laughing!

yay sparklers! i look awkward...but that's ok! l0l.

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The Skousens said...

So I think that our fam is good at using Sparklers once they're years how we used them as Matt's candles on his birthday cake or how mom randomly pulled them out when we were having our 'campout' in the backyard, lol!!!