Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Soooo...i got my hair cut and colored one last time before i head back to california. I love the color! For those of you who know "color" i did a Paul Mitchell the color 4CM and 4VR. So it is a deep violet color, which is pretty much what i did last time. My cut on the other hand...i have to get use to! I mean, it is really cute and all, but just short! And the sad thing is...i TOLD him to keep cutting it shorter in the front. BUT, it will last longer while i don't have a stylist in cali =] So that has to grow on me. And maybe i will post a picture in a few days when i take one. OH! But i am way excited because i am getting a huge pallet of eye color for only $30! It has like every color you will EVER need, just little amounts and i am so excited! I will take a pic of that too when i get it! Well i hope you all are having a fabulous day! I only have 5 more days until i am leaving UTAH!!!! =] & =[ haha

p.s. i just looked on the internet and found what my hair looks like! it looks ALOT like victoria becham's cut:

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So last week me, ally, and our friend andrea went to 'color me mine' because it was the ladies night and it was only a $2 studio fee! so i always hate these kinda things because i never know what i want to do! but i decided on a plate and to do it like a mary inglebright (spelling?) design. i think it turned out pretty cute!and anyways...it was SO much fun and so relaxing! =]
(sorry it's a little dark...you get the idea, right?)

and this is a picture of mine AND ally's! ally's turned out so cute! it looks like she almost bought it somewhere! but she did a little bowl or candy dish? with pink diamond things and white dots all around. and then on the inside in white writing it says "LIVE...LAUGH...LOVE" with hearts and dots. cute, huh?

Monday, April 7, 2008

random stuff

COSTA VIDA! what can i say...i am completely addicted to this place! first of all, i work here, so i get it for free when i work...BUT even when i am not working me and ally go in and eat. the sad thing is...they love ally so much too that they either give it to her for FREE as well or really cheap! costa loves us and we love them! i am going to miss it sooo much when i move...but i have in-n-out to look forward to i guess! hehe.

NEXT...my new red shoes! mine look very similar to these...but they are just colid red and even the heel part and the bow is a little different. but me and ally went shopping to ross, of course, the other day and i founf them for $10...such a steel! so i had to get them...i so love them! we'll see how long i can last walking in them for. ohhh, and the hilarious thing (wish i had a picture to show) was that i showed them to jon lat night and he put them on...and we have the same size foot...and he kept walking up and down the house in them! it was soooo funny! me and ally couldn't stop laughing! i love jon...and will miss him too!! :(

FELICITY! me and ally randomly went to visit our cousin melissa one day...and she has all four seasons to Felicity. Ally has been rantong and raving about it so we decided to borrow it from her and start watching it (because i have never even seen one episode of it) and i LOVE it already! i just hope i will be able to finish before i live utah. oh and so far....i am a Noel fan! i just love him! although both Noel and Ben ane cuties! =] we'll see if my opinion changes later on

PAUL MITCHELL STRAIGHTENER! this is the new paul mitchell straightener...and i seriously just LOVE it!! =] my boss at my salon was selling 6 of them at the salon for only $60...which is an amazing price! retail they are going for about $200. so i was so excited and bought 2 of them...one for me and one for my mom for mothers day! it is such a good straightener and i am glad i got one. now i need to get one for my sister lauren, because her chi i got her broke...sad day! what would be do without fabulous straighteners these days?! =]
WELL...that's all for now!! i will do another post one of these days! hope you had fun with my new updates on my life! love you all!!! =]


So i havn't done a blog in a really long time...mainly because i always feel like i have nothing to write about. but i have fun reading everyone elses atleast! =] lets see here...last weekend i went to the "Hare krishna" festival of colors celebration with jon (who was my date) and ally and Jeremy (who was ally's date). and we all had SO much fun! =] view the link HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la9jeVzZ1fE) to see what it kinda looked like! it was so crazy! i was literally in the middle of all the chalk and i thought i was going to die because i could not breathe...kinda scary, but still had fun! so we got there and we saw this HUGE line....like seriously, rediculous line! and we realized it was to get color. so we were like, well stupid, we aren't going to wait in that line! so jon literally went right to front and vought some...took like 2 minutes? haha! sorry people! so we had our chalk to throw. and then we went and saw the inside of their temple...nothing special at all! and then we went and saw the lamas and jon got a kiss from one of them! haha. and then we saw the huge fish pond. OH...and jon wanted me to take a million pictures, and mostly by myself, and i get embaressed. but i have to admit, they turned out pretty cute! =] and then we watched the dacers, which was fun. and then the fire began, which starts the chalk throwing! umm...and where were ally and jeremy? no where to be found...with ALL the chalk that jon bought! haha. so we just sat there and didn't throw anything..it's fine...still fun! and i got loaded with colored chalk. then after we just stayed after and chanted there song thing and went crazy. and by that time it was FREEZING! so we left and went to dinner...costa of course! haha...all colored up! and everyone was staring, but it was so fun! GREAT DATE!! =] thanks jon!