Thursday, April 10, 2008


So last week me, ally, and our friend andrea went to 'color me mine' because it was the ladies night and it was only a $2 studio fee! so i always hate these kinda things because i never know what i want to do! but i decided on a plate and to do it like a mary inglebright (spelling?) design. i think it turned out pretty cute!and was SO much fun and so relaxing! =]
(sorry it's a little get the idea, right?)

and this is a picture of mine AND ally's! ally's turned out so cute! it looks like she almost bought it somewhere! but she did a little bowl or candy dish? with pink diamond things and white dots all around. and then on the inside in white writing it says "LIVE...LAUGH...LOVE" with hearts and dots. cute, huh?


The Skousens said...

How cute...I love both of yours!!! There is this place next to the Albertson's by mom's house that is just like a 'color me mine' and Jonni and I want to go so bad!!!

Anonymous said...
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