Monday, April 7, 2008


So i havn't done a blog in a really long time...mainly because i always feel like i have nothing to write about. but i have fun reading everyone elses atleast! =] lets see here...last weekend i went to the "Hare krishna" festival of colors celebration with jon (who was my date) and ally and Jeremy (who was ally's date). and we all had SO much fun! =] view the link HERE ( to see what it kinda looked like! it was so crazy! i was literally in the middle of all the chalk and i thought i was going to die because i could not breathe...kinda scary, but still had fun! so we got there and we saw this HUGE seriously, rediculous line! and we realized it was to get color. so we were like, well stupid, we aren't going to wait in that line! so jon literally went right to front and vought some...took like 2 minutes? haha! sorry people! so we had our chalk to throw. and then we went and saw the inside of their temple...nothing special at all! and then we went and saw the lamas and jon got a kiss from one of them! haha. and then we saw the huge fish pond. OH...and jon wanted me to take a million pictures, and mostly by myself, and i get embaressed. but i have to admit, they turned out pretty cute! =] and then we watched the dacers, which was fun. and then the fire began, which starts the chalk throwing! umm...and where were ally and jeremy? no where to be found...with ALL the chalk that jon bought! haha. so we just sat there and didn't throw's fine...still fun! and i got loaded with colored chalk. then after we just stayed after and chanted there song thing and went crazy. and by that time it was FREEZING! so we left and went to dinner...costa of course! haha...all colored up! and everyone was staring, but it was so fun! GREAT DATE!! =] thanks jon!


Anonymous said...
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The Skousens said...

Sounds like a fun date! I seriously can't believe that Jon cut in front of all those people...what a nerd! I wouldn't be able to breathe either...I think that I would have had a panic attack! I love all the pics of you're too cute Tay!!!

Doney Days said...

That looks so fun. Did I tell you that Temple is not far from Dan's grandparent's so we pass it all the time when we go there. You guys sure know how to have fun!