Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Soooo...i got my hair cut and colored one last time before i head back to california. I love the color! For those of you who know "color" i did a Paul Mitchell the color 4CM and 4VR. So it is a deep violet color, which is pretty much what i did last time. My cut on the other hand...i have to get use to! I mean, it is really cute and all, but just short! And the sad thing is...i TOLD him to keep cutting it shorter in the front. BUT, it will last longer while i don't have a stylist in cali =] So that has to grow on me. And maybe i will post a picture in a few days when i take one. OH! But i am way excited because i am getting a huge pallet of eye color for only $30! It has like every color you will EVER need, just little amounts and i am so excited! I will take a pic of that too when i get it! Well i hope you all are having a fabulous day! I only have 5 more days until i am leaving UTAH!!!! =] & =[ haha

p.s. i just looked on the internet and found what my hair looks like! it looks ALOT like victoria becham's cut:


Daniel and Laci said...

post a pic tay!!! im dying! it sounds SO cute!!!!!!

The Skousens said...

Sounds like a cute haircut and color Tay...can't wait to see it! Funny, you lose your hairdresser in moving here to Cali and I gain one!!! Can't wait to see you and Ally in a few days!!!