Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vegas/Morgan's wedding...

We went to Las Vegas for my cousin Morgan's wedding (January 10) and just to have a relaxing, fun time! We were lucky enough to be able to stay in our Aunt and Uncles condo over the weekend so that we didn't have to pay for a hotel...and it was beautiful! It was better than staying in a hotel...we had more beds and bathrooms and even a kitchen, so we made breakfast in the mornings. And the best part was the gorgeous clubhouse with several pools and hot tubs with a view of the Las Vegas Lake.

Waiting at the temple...

look at my adorable niecer and her sunglasses! she loves them because she hates the sun in her eyes...

we love taking pictures...

in front of the lake...

And as you all know, we love Cafe Rio and we've really missed it since we've been in CA so of course we got our Cafe Rio fix since there was one in Vegas (in fact, we went twice, haha)! And no worries...the manager of the place let us know that 3 are going to be built here in Southern CA...we are SO excited!!!

Morgan and Jake...

the 3 amigas! i like this one...

oh aaron! we LOVE him! he was actually very mad that his cousins were getting married and he did not want to be there...and especially did not want to be wearing that flower...but we made him! :o) haha.
We had a really fun weekend!

New Years!

(Be prepared for ALOT of pictures for these next few post...i just have too many!)

So i realized it has been a month since i have sad! years this year was fun! It hasn't been our usual going to the Rose Parade and sleeping out the past few years, but still fun. (possibly we will be going to the rose parade next year) So it started with a yummy dinner at our house...RIBS (my fav). Later in the evening Natalie and her boyfriend, jake, and her brother, davis, came over to join in on the fun! We played rock band and ate lots of yummy junk food! Then at midnight we went in to the street (yes...we are the ONLY neighbors who even go out and celebrate...lame) and threw our confetti. "Happy New Years!!!" And of course toasted to a new year! I feel like 2009 is going to be a fabulous year! I have made a few goals...and so far so good! :o)

Toast to a new year!

some of us...lots got cut out haha.


ok...i look UG...but it's like the only one with my bestie!

throwing confetti...happy 2009!

oh! i got my new year's kiss at midnight! l0l.

gotta have the spoon and pot to make some noise! yea...i think i was annoying with it! whatev! ha.

aww. i miss natalie! :(


singing during rock band...i'm so good i think i should get a record label. l0l!

this was PRE new years--just hanging out! we were actin really silly that night! :o)