Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Years!

(Be prepared for ALOT of pictures for these next few post...i just have too many!)

So i realized it has been a month since i have sad! years this year was fun! It hasn't been our usual going to the Rose Parade and sleeping out the past few years, but still fun. (possibly we will be going to the rose parade next year) So it started with a yummy dinner at our house...RIBS (my fav). Later in the evening Natalie and her boyfriend, jake, and her brother, davis, came over to join in on the fun! We played rock band and ate lots of yummy junk food! Then at midnight we went in to the street (yes...we are the ONLY neighbors who even go out and celebrate...lame) and threw our confetti. "Happy New Years!!!" And of course toasted to a new year! I feel like 2009 is going to be a fabulous year! I have made a few goals...and so far so good! :o)

Toast to a new year!

some of us...lots got cut out haha.


ok...i look UG...but it's like the only one with my bestie!

throwing confetti...happy 2009!

oh! i got my new year's kiss at midnight! l0l.

gotta have the spoon and pot to make some noise! yea...i think i was annoying with it! whatev! ha.

aww. i miss natalie! :(


singing during rock band...i'm so good i think i should get a record label. l0l!

this was PRE new years--just hanging out! we were actin really silly that night! :o)


Jeff and Heidi Bethers said...

Fun times! You guys look like you had a great time. All we wanted to do on New Years was sleep! We are gay and old. Miss you Tay!

Camilla and Tim said...

I love the one with you and the confetti! pretty cute. Plus I giggled at the one with you and the spoon and pot! haha!

The Skousens said...

What a fun night that was! My how time flies by because seriously that doesn't seem like it was month ago!

Daniel and Laci said...

ok, first off.. i LOVE your background! do you pay to have it done? or is there a way to make your picture up top like that?
ALSO... I WISH i coulda been there to bang the spoon on the pot! We could be annoying together! :o) I just loved how you put that you were probably annoying with it... I could totally see us bugging everyone! ah... miss you tay!