Friday, July 18, 2008

why i love the skousen's!

They have the cutest kids that i just love!!!!
This is Carter, Jenny's little boy. Me and Ally think this picture is so funny!

Nathan, Karen & christian's boy and carter. They are so dang cute!

cheeser! the cutest little guy...but quite the terror! haha

Zane and Gavin, Heather & Dan's boys. They are just soo sweet!

Gavin! I seriously wish i had his eye lashes! it was funny because i was talking to him and i said "Gavin...i love your eye lashes, can i have them?!" and he looked up at me and smiled and closed his eyes you go! haha. such a cutie!!

me and gavin! i just adore this kid!!! :]

This is a video that we took at the skousen's. me and ally were trying to entertain gavin and zane for a while! they actually did love it...just tossing the balloon back and forth and not letting it touch the floor. i love gavin at the end "it's on the floor now" trying to copy me. they are just so cute and i miss seeing them!


The Skousens said...

I sure have some cute nephews...I love them too!!!

Doney Days said...

Oh, that is so sweet Taylor! I'm glad you love my kids. They love you guys too!