Friday, July 18, 2008


Funny this is when we were in utah visiting. we had gotten ready at the skousen's and at this point we were at janae's house visiting with melissa and janae and christy. we were all talking and ally just starts busting up laughing! we were so confused and kept asking what happened! she just kept laughing and said "look at my feet" so we did and at first none of us really noticed. but look closely! she has mis-matched flip flops on! haha. and then we look over at matt's feet...and so does he! l0l. we all started busting up. it was pretty funny! matt earlier went to put his on and saw one and just out the other one right next to his on...well it was ally's! the funny thing is we had been doing stuff for a while and they JUST then noticed! pretty funny! :]
ally's sandle on the left and matt's on the right

and this is why i miss utah! it is so pretty!! this is the view we saw every day coming out of our condo! :] love it!

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The Skousens said...

That was so funny...I still don't understand how either didn't realize it once they put their shoes on! I miss that view too...I loved the view we had from the condo!