Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU...

So why is finding a Birthday present for my Dad SO dang hard?! Every year we struggle with what to get him...he has gotten so much stuff that he never uses, that it just collects dust in the corner of his room. So this year me and ally wanted to get him something...but again the question of what?! We thought about Glenn Beck's book "Common Sense" (but they didn't have it in audio at Target and lets just say that he hasn't read a book since 5th grade. ha), cute T-shirts he could wear to work, TV series DVD episodes, etc. AND THEN i had this fabulous idea of getting him a new phone cover for his blackberry since his clip broke. Finally something he might actually need and enjoy! :o) So we go to an AT&T store since it was by Target, even though we have Sprint, and of course they didn't have it! and my mom said "why don't we just ask them if they know where the nearest Sprint store is?" whaaat? are you serious mom...this is another company, we aren't going to ask them! haha. me and ally thought it was funny. so we finally find a Sprint store and of course they didn't have it either...dang it! So i guess parpy wasn't getting anything from us! haha. But we did end up going to Wood Ranch for his Birthday (most delicious place ever) and eating tons of their yummy garlic rolls...mmmm! (guess i wasn't counting my calories today!) and lauren, matt and jonni ended up finding the audio book for him. and today we had a special dinner for him with a chocolate, mint and chip, ice cream cake ally was absolutely DELISH! :P Thanks sister!

Anyways, we had a great weekend celebrating our Dad's 50th Birthday!!! As jonni put it, "he is half way to a hundred! wow!" haha.
The ice cream cake...yum! his face! blowing out his candles :o)


Laci & Daniel said...

How fun! That cake looks delish! And I am the same way about asking people stuff about other stores... I just cant bring myself to do it! Cute post. Cute Dad.

The Skousens said...

Dad IS difficult to buy for, I love how when you told him that you were getting him a new phone cover, that he said not to get it yet because he was getting a new phone, lol (guess you can buy him one for his new phone)...typical dad! Wow, our parents are getting old, lol!