Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer '09

Taylor's happenings in the past few months (since i never blog about them anymore)! [[in no particular order]]

Clark Family Reunion at the Beach:

Cousins Meredith and Eliza and Matti

We celebrated our Dad's Birthday with everyone...Parker enjoyed the balloons on the cake! haha.

Bon fav!


The whole gang

water balloon fight at the and jill got wet!

at the zoo...i blew a kiss to Evalyn and she blew one back! i love gorillas!

picnic at a train was HOT so everyone was looking for shade :o)

BEACH...yes that is me...yes i got pooped on by a seagull!

me and jonni sunbathing :o)

Went to Disneyland with Justin, Jill and Kennedy

DODGER's Mormon Night:

with the seesters...

the field...and mine and ally's ugly feet :o)

Disneyland...Several different times:
Jonni being Crush...she's special :o)

Casey Junior's Train ride...

Matterhorn! don't you love my face?! it was SUNNY!

"hi...i'm a rabbit!"

Lauren, Me, and Natalie in line for Toy Story...


Laci & Daniel said...

ok, I'm lovin these pics!! I'm jealous of your super fun summer! I want to be a part of your family :o) It always looks like you guys have a blast together!

Taylor said...

We like to adopt people in to our natalie! so i'm sure we would accept you too! haha.

The Skousens said...

We did have a fun summer when you see it all together like this...and that's not even all of the things we did!!!

pollydove said...

Hi Miss Taylor ... no way did that seagull really poop on you like that. ew. At least you were at the beach - I miss the beach!