Monday, December 22, 2008

Can you guys believe Christmas is almost here?! Time has flown by! :o) And guess what?! I still have shopping to do...i went today and tried finding stuff that i wanted to get and couldn't find any of it! Bummer! I might go out shopping tonight some more...we'll see!

This week has been good...I worked, did lots of peoples hair, went to Disneyland (which made me happy because i hadn't been in a long time!), my best friend is home! (love you Natalie), had a Clark family Christmas dinner and took a family pic, and didn't have work i got to relax and have fun! But the sucky thing is i feel like i am starting to get hoo! I keep sneezing and have the sniffles. I have been taking AirBourne and hope it starts working!

Oh...and Jonni got her license! CRAZY! :o)

Things i am looking forward to:
* Eating this potato soup my mom made. haha.
* Tai Pan Christmas party tomorrow night.
* Seeing pics of Laci's baby!
* Spending time with Natalie.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

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Camilla and Tim said...

your blog is so cute! and i love your day to day update! :) hope you are feeling better