Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008!

Christmas was fun this year...although i do have to admit that it didn't feel much like Christmas. Me and Ally have come to the conclusion that it is because we didn't come home for Christmas and have a real "break". Instead we just lived our every day to day lives and still had work and what not. But STILL...Christmas was wonderful! I just love this holiday season! :o)

So we had our family Christmas get together with the Wayde Clark family a week that way they didn't have to drive down from San Diego on Christmas day. It was a fun dinner and it was nice to get to see the family we don't always get to see! :o) (and we took family pictures that day...future post to come)

On Christmas Eve we spent the day at our house with Matt and Lauren and Grandma and Grandpa Hartley. We ate lots of good food and had fun together as a family. We have a tradition to open pajamas on Christmas Eve. I love it...because if you know me you know that i LIVE in pajamas! ha. Once i come home i put my pajama pants on :o) Then we went to bed (and we made a bed on our floor so Jonni could sleep with us) and just waited for Santa to come! ;o)

Here are some pictures from the night...
We love Matt--and we love making funny faces!

again...with our silly faces and poses! :o)

haha. This one makes me laugh. Matching PJ's!

How cute! Matti and Grandma Great. Doesn't Mattison just have the cutest smile?!

We also got these cute slippers! I love them.

Me and JJ. Ok, we don't look our best...but i still like it!

CHRISTMAS DAY! What a wonderful, happy day! :o) We slept in until more waking up at 6:00am like when we were little. haha. Both of our Grandma's came over and we opened our FAVORITE part! We have these amazing stockings that someone made for us that are knitted so they are huge and can stretch HUGE. ha. So we get lots of fun stuff in our stockings! :o) After we waited around until Lauren and Matt came over. My Dad was the 'Santa' and passed our presents as we watched each person open a gift. (P.S. my Dad came out in these Santa boxer shorts...we were seriously peeing! It was hilarious!) I got an MP3 player (yay!), skull candy ear phones, DVDs, a CD (daughtry), make-up book (that i LOVE), movie tickets and more! :o) After that we all had breakfast (Christmas morning casserole...a Skousen tradition...yummy!) and then just played around with Lauren and Matt's new Wii. We were lazy and did whatever. And then for dinner we went over to Grandma Clark's and had dinner with Kent and Heidi's family. Overall, great day! :o) Lots of fun spending time with the family and enjoying each others company!
We look like total crap, but i couldn't help posting it because of Mattison! She is adorable!!!

Hope everyone and their families had a fabulous Christmas week! :o)


Ally said...

WOW!!!! I look like DEATH!!!!
But luckily Mattison is Adorable!

Bennifer said...

I love your jammies! You guys look so cute. Mattison is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen! And my brother is gay!