Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Goodbye Lame Bryant!"

( picture me doing the Skousen's 'so long, farewell' song and saying...) "Goooodbyeee--Gooodbyeee--Goodbyeeeeeee!!" haha. When i said goodbye that last part of the song is all i could think of while waving! :o) Love it!

Anyways...It is officially goodbye to Lame Bryant! How funny that i was just saying yesterday that i was so annoyed with them. Well i worked last night from 5-11 (suppose to at least). So i get to work and do my thing. So i had done a few 'projects' they wanted me to do and finished them. While i am in the middle of my next 'project' with Nanette, another co-worker yells to me (at about 7:15)..."oh and Maria (my manager) says you can go!" -- "like for the night?!" -- "yea, she says we are just too slow." No duh...maybe because you have 7 workers here...LITERALLY, 7 people working on a Wednesday night-- again, LAME! I was so irritated because she sent only me home when she only gave me 9 hours that week to begin with. So i was leaving and i saw Maria. I went up and told her that i wouldn't be able to work next week because i was working every day at my other job. She told me "well that's a problem because i already made the schedule and scheduled you" -- "oh, I'm sorry i told rosemary last week when she told you my other hours that i wasn't going to be able to work the next week at all." -- "Well i make the need to tell ME!" I'm sorry that's it's only Wednesday Maria!!! Eesh! So she told me that i needed to figure out which was more a priority and i told her the few hours just weren't good enough for that was that. She says she will call in all my hours and i can go get my check. I am actually soo relieved that i don't work there anymore! I am a lot happier with the decision i made! :o)

So then i get home and my family is all confused...haha. But i got to eat dinner with them and then Ally was going to color my hair, but we ended up doing some Christmas shopping for a co-workers name she has. After a few hours of shopping...Me, Ally and my Mom decided we want a milkshake, even when it is pouring rain! haha. So we stop off at Legends, our favorite place! It's a little fifties diner place that is decorated with all this old, vintage stuff. It's fun! They seriously know us and probably what we are going to order most the time. hehe. Maybe that's a bad thing? :o) So we just talked and was fun!

Then we got home...i watched 'Day of our Lives' with my Mom--it's a little obsession of ours. haha. I've only gotten into it the last few months. And then after that read some TWILIGHT! :o) I think it's my third time. (p.s. totally was disappointed with the movie. it has noooothing on the books! what do you guys think?!) And then just went to bed!

Oh and before work i cut and colored JoLynn's hair. She is my mom's cousin and a usual. :o) And a few minutes later a friend from church came over and i cut her fringe (not bangs...FRINGE! l0l). It makes me want to get my license more and more. I love doing hair and want to work in a salon! I am so stupid and procrastinate everything! Oh well!

So that was my day! :o)


Camilla and Tim said...

You quit?! Probably for the better, you weren't liking it there anyway.
I have to say that I love your relationship with your mom and sister, it makes me smile. I would LOVE to be with my family and be able to spend time with them! You are so lucky!
P.S. I need my fringe trimmed one of these days ;)

Ally said...

so long LAME Bryant!!!!
you and mom are geeks....Days of our Lifes!!!!!! you're turning into g-ma!
I need my hair did!!!!! we are taking pictures sunday! but then again....maybe I will just be absent that day:]

The Skousens said...

That lady pisses me off, seriously! I just get raged when I think of how she was the one that told you from the beginning that she would understand if you needed to get another part time job! Oh well, they don't deserve you and then maybe you can get more hours at TPT!!!

The Rawlins Fam said...

ummm... yeah... get your license! :0)

Daniel and Laci said...

GO TAY GO! Stick it to the man! :o) What a relief to not have to deal with rude bossy people.. i mean, you can have a boss that is not totally disrespectful to you, ya know? Anyway, i totally know what you mean about doing hair... im STILL in the process of getting my license out here :P And about the movie... i thought it was totally cheesy, and it bugged for awhile there... but edward kinda grew on me and i have high hopes for new moon because they got a new director who is suppose to be really good. i think when they realized what a big deal twilight is, they were like "oh shoot... we need to do better" :o) anyway, thats me and daniel's theory!! :o) well im glad your day was a success due to stupid lame bryant no longer in your life!!! YAY!!!

Lund Family said...

Sounds like things are going well. I agree you need to do hair full time. You are soo good at it.

I really liked twilight. Yes it was cheesy but so is the book. I think with the low budget they had they did pretty good. I wasn't excited about who they picked to play Edward but he totally grew on me and by the end i was squealing like a 15 yr old girl. I am excited about New Moon because i heard they have 50 million more to work with and a new director.