Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little bit of everything... has been almost 2 months since i have posted a blog--i am HORRIBLE! So, since i feel like i never have anything to blog about, my solution is just going to be to make my blog more generic and more like a journal--not of just events that have happened. That way hopefully i will do it more often and every few days! :o) And yes...i do have a boring life right now! haha.

ANYWAYS! So what has been happening in my life?! (If you really want to know details you should check out my sister, Lauren's, blog.) Well i have been having a good time living in California with all my family. That's the part i LOVE! :o) If it weren't for them i would be back in Utah in a heart beat...but i love being my family and my new niece--who by the way i just adore! Mattison has been such a joy in my life...she really just seems to make me happy when i am not having the best day. We see her pretty much every day because "grandma" (isn't that weird to moms a grandma! haha) babysits and what not--and i love that! She is such a happy baby and we just adore her to no end!! :o)

THANKSGIVING was alot of fun! We didn't have a huge crowd this year...just our family and grandma and grandpa hartley and cliff, jenette and chelsea came down to celebrate with us this year too. We sat around and talked, played games and ate lots of YUMMY food! We really have to thank my mom for that...she is seriously and AWESOME cook and spent the whole day cooking! My mom is wonderful and pretty much the best mom anyone could ever have! :o) So sometimes i feel like my life is boring and that i do nothing...but i really do have alot to be thankful for!

HAIR! So i am trying to grow my hair out. I don't want it to be super long--just like a medium length. I got it cut about a month ago more even so i can grow it out. And pretty much i miss my hair stylist back in Utah. But i like it enough and am excited to see it a little longer for a change! :o)

MY JOBS! So i havn't really said much about my jobs...maybe because it is so complicated! haha. You all know that i work at Lane Bryant--or LAME Bryant as me and my family like to call it. haha. I wasn't getting enough hours and when i got the job our manager had told us if we needed to get another job she would be totally fine with that. Well, i got another job and it seemed quite the opposite. She seemed kinda mad, which made me mad! haha. I didn't care because i was happier with my new job at "V Chocolates" (inside Tai Pan Trading). So Lame Bryant continued to even give me less 9 hours at most a week...yea, LAME! So i liked the job at V was so easy! I sad behind this tiny little counter and sold chocolates--which was rare because they are expensive and not many people wanted them. haha. But we had one problem...we didn't like our manager! She was so dumb and irritating. Well, to make a long story short, she got fired and she had hired waaay to many girls for what we needed. So i was pretty much out a job. UNTIL Tai Pan Trading came to the rescue! They offered me and another girl, Camilla (who i LOVE! :o)), a job as a cashier at their store and still get the same pay! (which is $12 and hour...amazing!) So now i am a cashier at Tai Pan Trading and absolutely LOVE it! (and i am very lucky i still have a job because they just let off 15 people total. yikes!) I am so much happier there than i was at V Chocolates. I am hoping to get more hours there and leave Lame Bryant! :o) Let's hope! And if you have not been to Tai Pan Trading...YOU SHOULD!!! It is an amaaaazing store!! Check it out!

CHRISTMAS! I love this holiday season! That's why i love going to work every day--because it's filled with Christmas stuff and such a fun place to be. I love that it is raining! It seems more like winter :o) I also love listening to all the Christmas music! You know, sometimes we all make it so stressful--like my family trying to figure out what to wear for our pictures we are taking on sunday. And me not knowing what to get Ally for her gift! haha. But really it shouldn't be! It should be something we love and look forward to...celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! The love that we have for each other and just that holiday cheer everyone has! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year and really think about the true meaning of it all!

Hopefully i can be better at blogging! :o) I know i love reading everyone elses!


Me and my hair will eventually get long! :o)
Mattison looking SO cute!!
Lauren and Matti at the beach...adorable!
Thanksgiving...Me, Ally, ChelseaMe being ME! haha. Eating some apple pie!


Ally said...

Good Jarb TayLor!
love the pictures!
love that you wrote about LAME bryant!
love your new hair (lets color it today)!
love YOU!

Daniel and Laci said...

yay for new posts!!!!! :o) i was hoping you would add something soon, and you didnt disappoint! :o) i LOVE your haircut btw... SO cute! and im glad you decided to make it kinda like a journal... the other day i kinda got mad at myself for not writing in my journal and daniel was like, "yeah, but you blog like ALL THE TIME!" so i feel better about that :o) it really is a little journal with cute pictures and good memories! i love it! Anyway, thanks for the post and keep'em comin'! luv ya girl!

Camilla and Tim said...

soooo I think its funny that you call it Lame Bryant haha never heard that before! And I REALLY loved that you wrote about work. haha its an interesting situation we are in these days... Thankful for the job yet we feel like we could lose it at any moment. I tell you come January I don't want to be part of the next batch of people that "let go" haha! Then it'd just be V Chocolates for me... I like the company and all.... but ya you know what I mean ;) hahaha! Can't wait to go to the Christmas party with you next week! :) yeah!

The Skousens said...

Yeah, a new post!!! I didn't realize that it had been 2 months!