Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lauren's Haircut

I cut Lauren's hair a few weeks ago. I loved the way it turned out! :o) I am trying to somewhat grow my hair out (like mid shoulder area) and seeing these pictures AND considering how ugly i look during the process of growing my hair out, makes me want to chop it all off again! Haha. Lauren is gorgeous! She looks HOT in these pictures! ;o) And doesn't she look amazing for just having a baby?! YEA!
Ok,maybe she doesn't look too hot here! haha. We love Lauren!Look at that gorgeous face!Side view of the lovely hair.If you want your hair done...come to me! :o)HOTTNESS!


The Skousens said...

Oh Taylor, I'm blushing, lol! You did an amazing job on my hair, thanks!!!

Daniel and Laci said...

SO cute!! you've always been able to rock out this amazing cut!! good job!!