Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A GATE...are you serious?!

Many of you know what our "gate" looked like barrels! Haha! We got one of our dogs several years ago and needed something to keep them from wandering out...which is why we had the blue barrels. They were suppose to be temporary...but you know how things go in the Clark house! :o) We had them for years and my mom would always bug my dad about getting a real gate...and it never happened! WELLLL everyone- we finally got a beautiful gate!!! :o)

Here are some pictures from the night it was being set up:
Thanks Dad and Ally for all the hard work!
Just some detailHaha. So the dogs LOVED us working out here. They felt so special to be by us. They stayed right behind the fence the whole time. They were making us laugh! "Oh no! Only one more piece left! What am i going to do?!"The girls love the new gate. This is what they do every time we drive up. Haha. The first time we saw them we were peeing! they are so cute! :o)

And i just realized that we don't have a picture of the finished masterpiece...but i think you get the idea of what it looks like! :o)


Daniel and Laci said...

i loved how you said you were peeing when you saw the dogs! :o) that is hysterical!

The Smiths said...

wow!!! A real fence, that is awesome! :)