Wednesday, October 29, 2008

L.A. County Fair

So this is what happens when you take over a month to finally download pictures from your camera! :o)

We went to the L.A. County Fair near the end of September. Before, we weren't sure if we would be able to go because we figured Lauren would still be pregnant...but little Matti came EARLY! :0) So we were excited that we got to go. We just went one night for a few hours and walked through all the exibits. Me and my sisters have been wanting a permanent toe ring and we found some at one of the exibit stations! YAY! It's a small silver one made with little dots. I like it! We also love the fair because of the animals! We spent a lot of time at the animal area...and here are a few of the pictures (well, the only pictures we actually took at the fair, haha)
Jonni's farmer face-

Ally's farmer face-

and MY farmer face-

The three little pigs-

I love all the picture face things! :o)

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The Skousens said...

I'm peeing that these are the only pics that you girls took! That was a fun day, even though it was a bit rushed with a baby this time!