Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love my cat

My cat, Kitsy, makes me laugh! :o) She will curl up and get all cozy in the funniest places! Here is her most recent favorite place to lay...Mattison's bouncer! Haha! She's a cutie! :o)

Oh, and see the picture of the computer? Well one morning at 4am i heard Kitsy meowing and clawing at papers on my desk (she wanted out!) When i hear her do this i get furious! I just want to sleep you dumb cat! l0l. Well the next morning i heard Ally say, "OH MY GOSH!!" I go in to the room and find this...Kitsy had clawed on her lap top keys and picked them off. This wasn't even all of them. Ally still hasn't figured out how to put the last 2 on. You crazy cat!


The Skousens said...

Kitsy is such a goofball, I figured she'd do it sooner or shouldn've put the pic of ally's computer keys in this post too!

Daniel and Laci said...

omg tay! i was laughing so hard at this! poor ally... :o) haha!