Monday, October 27, 2008

TAGGED (i love these things)

List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random surprises about yourself.

3 Joys...
1. Having a niece. Mattison is my love! <3
2. Being at the beach on a perfect, sunny day.
3. Having such great family and friends to spend time with.

3 Fears...
1. The dark. It REALLY scares me!
2. Never finding a guy! haha. (being alone in general)
3. Not being the person i can be.

3 Goals...
1. To FINALLY get my california cosmotolegy license. :) (i procrastinate)
2. To get married in the temple and have a wonderful family.
3. To eat healthy and get fit. Stick to my goals of losing weight.

3 Current Obsessions...
1. Having crushes on guys and thinking they are all going to be my "future husband". haha!
2. Going on the computer and checking like 24/7 my facebook, myspace, and blogspot. (i'm cool like that)
3. Frozen yogurt! I love me some Golden Spoon! "Mmm."

3 Random Surprises...
1. When i was younger i had a really nice, cute, bubble butt. One day in elementary school when my mom picked me up she said i was so mad and i proceeded to say..."oh my gosh mom...a fifth grader came up to me and said.'NICE BUTT!' can you believe that?!" hahaha. Oh, i wish i had that problem now! ;)
2. I really like the way Laci does her smiley's :o) and i think i might start copying her!
3. I was a catcher in softball growing up...and a dang good one, too! :o)

I am now tagging...
1. Melissa Smith
2. Jenny Hunter
3. Emily Montoya
and anyone else! :o) [[thanks for the new smiley Lac, l0l]]

1 comment:

Daniel and Laci said...

haha! Thats so cute tay!! oh and guess what? I stole those smiley's too from my sister! hehe :o) So steal away!! luv ya girl!!