Monday, June 2, 2008


So this is going to be one boring post, but atleast you will have some kind of update on my life? =] So i think it has been about almost a month that me and Ally have moved back to California with our family. It has been really nice to be with family but i really miss Provo! So i am so excited that me and Ally are going up with Matt and Lauren to Jenny's wedding so we can visit a few friends on the way out of Utah! And of course i am so excited that i get to eat some COSTA VIDA!!!! Yum!
Anyways...job hunting? Not so much! =[ I really wanted to work in a salon down here, but i have to get my California Cosmetolegy License first...which is a pain! I havn't really done my part it figuring out what i need to do i need to get working on that! So since i couldn't work in a salon for a while i wanted to work at MAC cosmetics. I love make-up and just think it would be so much fun (like i said in an earlier post). So i gave my resume to them, but didn't hear back from them. So my new ideas are working at Sephora (another make-up place) and maybe Curves (the womens gym). I just need to start doing something! I am getting bored and need more money to help out the parentals! Grrr...why do i not have any motivation to do anything! haha.
Oh, my face also had an allergic reaction...sad! My forhead was breaking out and i was getting so sick of it! So Lauren use to use Murad (a really good, but expensive face wash) and Jonni has some too. I wanted to buy some, but decided to try it out for a day and see if i liked it before i forked out all that money on face wash. Well i am allergic to Sulfa and so i have to be careful and read ingrediants before i eat or use things. I saw that there was some form of sulfa in it, but i thought i would still try it. WELL...i had consequences the morning after and still do! My face was RED and itched like crazy...and i look like an umpa lumpa (chubby face haha!). So i hope it goes away...otherwise i will have to go get a shot from the doctors...and guess what, Taylor has NO insurance! Isn't that fun? haha.
AND last but not least...i am going to be an aunt in about 3 months!! Lauren is due September 7th (hopefully the 8th hehe) and i can't wait to be the favorite aunt! haha. That has been a major plus, watching Laur get bigger and bigger every day!
I love reading everyones blog...keep them coming! LOVES! <3


Daniel and Laci said...

I love reading YOUR blog tay!!!:o)

The Rawlins Fam said...

Have you ever tried Mary Kay?! I could send you some samples! (all the products are Sulfa free!) I have sensitive skin too, so I'm a big time label reader.

I hope things improve for you soon! When will you get your CA cosmos lic?! Do you still want to do hair, or are you looking for something different? I worked for MAC while I was in beauty school, I've also worked for Lancome', Oil of Olay and Eminesiance, and of course while I worked in the day spa we used Dermalogica. Now I sell MK and its great to be working for myself. There's always more income potential when you are your own business owner in the beauty industry! Maybe you could freelance and do hair and makeup for weddings?!

I still have had that fabulous dream, that you opened your own salon. So get to it girl! Lemme know if you need any tips on getting started in any of your options...

The Rawlins Fam said...

PS. I think all you girls are gonna be really great aunties!

Christian & Karen Robinson said...

You are NOT an umpla lumpa! You are beautiful - I'm so glad we got to see you guys this last weekend!