Sunday, June 22, 2008


So...Lauren taught me this little trick =] I know that you all (well most of you, i'm sure) love to get on to blogspot and go down your whole list to see who has a new update...maybe even several times a day? haha. Well....I DID! Maybe alot of you already know this, but i didn't, and it saves you alot of time and effort! ha. So i got a Gmail account just for this. This is what you do: (hopefully i got it right)
1. Get a Gmail account, if you don't already have one.
2. Sign in, and on the top left hand side it will say "Reader". Push that.
3. It will open up a new window for you and on the bottom left hand side it will say "+ Add Subscription". Push that.
4. Then you go down all your list (this is where it takes a while) and find their URL for their site and put it in the box and push "add". (and if you ever add a new blogger you have to go back and add their URL)
5. When you are all done with your list you should have everyones blog listed under there and you can just go back to "Reader" every day and the people who have new posts will be highlighted.

Anyone who already knows how to do this...did i explain it right? haha. Well i thought i would let you in on my new obsession with blogspot! I LOVE IT!


The Skousens said...

I'm glad that at least someone else is as obsessed with it as I's such a timesaver for sure!!!

McCall said...

dang...this sounded so cool and i already have a gmail account but, i can't figure it out. i'm so computer illiterate.

McCall said...

oh ya...and i LOVE your new header! i can't do those either.