Friday, May 23, 2008


Last night was the season finale of Grey's FAVORITE show!! It was sooo good!!! =] Me and Ally were going crazy near the end with excitement! The only story i haaate is the Calli and Erica...sick! But i was so excited that the chief is back with his wife....Alex kissed Izzy....and George gets to re-take his test (sweet, adorable george!!)...and BEST, Meredith and Derik are back together!!! How exciting! I can't wait until next season!!!! (and i am mad that they jipped us like 3 months of the show...stupid writers strike)
Wow...i look like i am totally addicted to TV! haha...2 new recent post are only about tv shows! haha! I just love my certain shows...and having tivo at the house makes everything easier to watch =]
Grey's Anatomy...American Idol...So you think you can Dance...Dancing with the stars...Bachelor/Bachelorette...The real world...what not to and the geek...oh yep, i guess i really do love tv! hehe

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