Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth :o)'s Disneyland! :o) It's been fun having a pass and being able to go so often. Me, my mom, Jonni and her friend Cameron went to DL the other day. It was lots of fun!

Main entrance...mickey!

The awesome patriotic flowers! Aren't they cute?

So, funny story...Jonni's pass had a picture on it since like 5th grade. So she decided to go take a new picture while Cameron had to do it too. It was a new place and had only been open for 20 minutes or so, so they weren't too experienced yet i guess. The pictures turned out horrible! l0l. We were peeing because Jonni looks evil...she wishes she would have kept her old 5th grade self! :o)

Our picture for Splash Mountain...i like how you can see me (not) l0l!

Me and the Marmy...i wuv her :o)

Me and J waiting in line for Indiana Jones

We had to hurry and snap a picture of this couple for Lauren (and i know Shauna hates it too haha) Look at that difference :o)

Oh is one of the dead fish too!

Jonni and Cameron in their "mickey ears" :o)

Our 'Screamin' picture...i felt like throwing up at the end of that one this time! ughh.

and we ended our day at California Adventure watching the Electrical Parade (i love TINK)

Overall we had a fabulous day! and i am going again tomorrow with the Skousen Family! :o)

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Doney Days said...

So much fun!! This makes me want to go so bad! :( I'm crying now!