Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beach Trips :o)

One thing i LOVE about California...beaches! Me and my family/friends have gone several times this summer and it has been wonderful...windy and kinda cold, but wonderful :o)

My adorable little niece. She loved playing with the water in the bucket. She would stick her fingers in and get them wet and then lick them haha. love her!

Lauren and Matti going to the water...

Open your eyes Matti :o)


haha. Jonni was a little person

Matti met some new friends...

they loved eachother :o)

Me and Jonni were laying out when all of a sudden we feel a little hand on us l0l.

Me and Jonni in our shades



Laci & Daniel said...

YAY!!! AN UPDATE!!! You are so freakin cute tay.. I was thinkin' about you on the way home from church today... random, i know. but I was thinkin about how much i missed you!! Will we ever see each other again?!

The Skousens said...

I was excited to see new posts!!! Ok, so I look awful in those pictures of me...I love how my daughter has tanner legs than me, lol! Some of the pics don't get bigger when you push on them, I was sad! Fun times for sure...we've been having a fun summer so far!!!

ShaunaJorgenson said...

I love the beach! Only a week and a half and I'll be sitting on the beach with you guys!