Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

H A P P Y 4TH O F J U L Y !

I had a really great 4th of July weekend! :o) It started on Friday with a bbq/hanging out and playing games. We painted finger nails...made bracelets...and ate lots of good food! After dinner we borrowed Grandpa's projector and made our own little outside was so fun! (definately something we want to invest in) We watched National Treasure 2 and ate lots of popcorn and red vines and peanut m&m's and milk duds. haha. (yea and i wonder why i can't lose any weight?!) Then Lauren and Matt and Matti decided to spend the night. So we all go to bed and then Saturday morning get woken up by Patriotic music :o) (it's Matt's favorite holiday) but it was fun! Having Matt in the family makes 4th of July more exciting :o) We had a yummy breakfast and chatted with family. After we finished we went over to Grandma Hartley's and swam for a few hours (workin on my tan) We came home and had a yummy bbq then got ready...i did my eyes like a flag: red white and patriotic! haha. After that we went to our friends house in La Habra. Kristen and JJ Chitwood invited us to hang out with their family and watch the fire work show across the street at the high school. It was a really good show and we are glad we went! It was such a fun weekend with family and friends! I am so grateful to live in such a wonderful Country where we have so many freedoms to enjoy! I am so gratful for everyone who has and continues to make that possible for me! :o) Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend with family and friends!
My eyes :o) i had to figure out a way to show i winked l0l.

our nails!

Seesters :o)

Matti in her cute little 4th of July dress

Our outside thatre set up

The griller pro! :o) Both men don't like taking pictures. ha.

how presh...we made a star

Kristen...Matti loved her :o)

A guy playing a banjo

All of the girls together!

Ally needed flag eyes haha.

This picture just makes me laugh...totally us, always making eachother laugh :o)

The whole family together watching fire works

i love this picture :o)


i love my sisters!


ShaunaJorgenson said...

Love the eye shadow!

Laci & Daniel said...

yay! happy 4th! I love that 3rd to last pic of you and joni too.. so cute!!

Doney Days said...

I love the eye shadow and the star with your fingers! I'm so impressed!!!! You guys are so cute! Love ya!

The Skousens said...

We really did have a fun 4th of July weekend!!! I loved your festive eyeshadow, very cute!