Sunday, September 25, 2011

24 things to do before i turn 24...

1. Finish The Book of Mormon by December 31, 2011
2. Self Confidence Notebook
3. Visit San Fran
4. Take a dance class
5. Pay for strangers meal
6. Make a meal for the fam, by myself, once a month
7. Re-decorate my room
8. Visit teach my girls every month
9. Crochet project
10. Attend temple at least 3 times a month
11. Write notes to random people every fast Sunday
12. Dinner group date at my house
13. Print pictures once a month
14. Have a block movie night
15. Kiss a guy ;)
16. Attend General Conference
17. Take part in a flashmob
18. Go fishing
19. Start a "future/dream" account (5% every month)
20. Sleep under the stars
21. Get a facial/peel
22. Create a look book outfit and find it! Take pictures in outfit.
23. Take a picture a day (even if it's just on my phone)
24. Take Matti and Clark on a date

Yay...I'm excited for my goals!

1 comment:

Laci said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE This idea!! and I love all the things on your list.. but ESPECIALLY #3!!!! :D So fun Tay!!!!