Sunday, March 14, 2010

update well needed????

...i think so!! :o)

Yes, my last post was the day before Christmas...can we say pathetic?! haha. Sometimes i just feel like i have NOTHING exciting going on in my life and nothing to say on here. But i will try to be creative and find things to write!


I had a fabulous Christmas. Spending time with friends and family and reflecting on the birth of our Savior! :o) AND to top it off a got a few really nice gifts! I got 2 beautiful is 4 inertwined hearts that ally gave to all 4 of us represents each of us and our love...AWW! haha. and the other was from marmy and parpy and it was 3 hair charms on a pretty chain (blow dryer, scissors and a comb) So i love them and wear them both often!! and i also got Gossip Girl season 1 and 2 dvd's...yes i am addicted! drama, but i love it! haha. and then just other little, cute stuff!

and i'm sure more stuff happened...but of course i can't remember details (which is why i should blog haha)


Let's ring in the NEW YEAR! I had so many great goal's for myself [you can read them hear]...and they have almost all stopped. [what a shocker!] haha. but i am still trying to be better and improve myself! :o) But me and my family just had our usual New Year's night (since not going to the Rose Parade the last few years) ...playing games, lots of eating (ally's quote of the night: "eat, drink, and be merry...for tomorrow me DIET!" hahaha. that we did!! l0l) laughing and going out side at midnight, having a countdown, throwing confetti in the air, screaming, banging pots and pans (yes, we still use pots and pans haha) and taking lots of pictures!! :o)

Me and JJ laying in the street...

Cheers to a New Year... [our virgin pina coladas]

2 0 1 0 ...

and BIG NEWS is that seester (ally) got a job up in Utah teaching special she left us! *tear* it all happened within a few weeks. Ally and i spent every day together and worked close to eachother so we would eat lunch together often. So i miss my best friend! (but hopefully next fall i will be up in utah living with her and natalie...another post to come haha)


This is the month i was seriously contemplating working on a cruise ship doing hair. I was not very happy with my current job working at Forte Salon...i felt like i was building any clientele and my life was kinda just blah and boring. So i wanted to have some fun and travel! i STILL really wish i could go to a different country and either live there for a while or just travel lots :o) but anyways...i heard lots of stories of how they treat you like crap doing hair on the cuise line and you really dont get paid lots for the hours you put in. i don't know. i kinda just gave up on that idea haha.

I also gave my little niece her first official hair cut! [when she was a few months old i evened out the fuzzy's on the back of her head] it was just looking too mullety so we needed to take a little off the ends. Her mommy was smart and brought a portable dvd player to watch "pooh" and keep her occupied. She actually did REALLY well and loved the whole experience. She is totally a girly girl! (to read the full story, click here)

And then there was Valentine's Day! i personally like Valentine's Day...and i don't have someone "special" to spend it with. To me it's just one day to really show your love and appreciation to those you love and care about. why not? can and should do that every day...but you can go above and beyond and just have fun!! :o) So for our Valentine's day (we actually celebrated on saturday) the Hunter's (my brother in law's sister and family) were down visiting so we all had dinner at my parents house. we had spaghetti with sausage, garlic bread, salad, and after we made chocolate covered strawberries! It was delish! Then, we watched "Love Happens." So it was a fun night! :o)


it's still i might start doing seperate posts! :o)

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Laci & Daniel said...

Tay's back!! :o) Looks like you had a fun couple of months!! You look fabulous Taylor! I love that picture with you and Matti.. darling :o) Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Miss you!!