Sunday, March 14, 2010

T.V. Junkie!

...yes i am a major t.v. junkie! and i know it is a waste of time...but they suck you in!! haha. so i am going to make a list of all the shows i watch :o)

  • The Bachelor(ette) [i can't wait for Ali to be the next Bachelorette!]
  • Life Unexpected [me and Jonni are's so funny!]
  • Greek [i think this week is the last week. sad. i love capi :o)]


  • The Biggest Loser [so inspiring! love it.]
  • White Collar [Niel is so hot! haha. but this one just ended.]


  • Glee [i think it's starting back up next week!! so hilarious.]
  • The Real World [one of the trashy shows that somehow i get sucked in to]
  • America's Next Top Model [ok...Tyra can be annoying, but it's a fun one to watch.]


  • Burn Notice [i just ended. and i wasn't a faithful watcher this season...but they're still all tivo'd]
  • Grey's Anatomy [one of my all time favs!]
  • Private Practice [just started this one back up a few weeks ago and i'm addicted! ha]


  • Day's of Our Lives [yes it's a soap and yes it's my guilty pleasure haha.]
  • Desperate House Wife's [trashy! but gotta love the drama.]
  • cooking shows [cake boss, iron chef, competitions, etc]
  • American Idol [i'm just not in to it this season. no one stands out to me.]

Off Season-

  • Gossip Girl [got season 1 & 2 for Christmas and now have to watch season 3 online. LOVE IT!]
  • NCIS
  • Dancing with the Stars [starting soon!]
  • In Plain Site

and i'm sure many others! haha. See, i am definitely ADDICTED! as i read the list i can see how pathetic i am...oh well! i just can't get hooked to any new ones! :o)


pollydove said...

Hi Miss Tay!!!! I HAD to comment on this post because I am such a TV junkie too! I have been gone for several days (driving to Tennesee) so I wanted to catch up on American Idol. But then I sat down and the new season of America's Next Top Model was on so I had to watch that instead!!!!

My fav is that first show when they do the make overs! There are a lot of bratty girls this year, huh? DRAMA ahead!!!

Ally said...

Why is it that TV shows suck you in?!?!?! and they keep coming out with more and more new ones :)

they are a little get away from the real become a part of TV for an hour :)