Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Private Bloggers

not gunna lie...i pretty much forget about you guys! (except Lac because i just go and check hers like every day to see if she has a new post haha) i have the Google Reader thing and it doesn't update it if you have a private i forget to check your guys'...sad! SO i added a private blog section with all of yall under it...this way i can just push them all every so often! yay! :o) you shall be forgotten no more!!


Camilla and Tim said...

Its ok! I forget to check the private blogs too. I love Google reader but I wish they'd come up with something so you didn't have to go check the private blogs individually.

Laci & Daniel said...

This is hilarious Tay! I do the EXACT same thing.. which is CRAZY since I AM private! LOL :o) But yeah, I do google reader too. Anyway, glad to know you check mine! I feel special :o) Love ya!!

Stacey said...

so my sister in law is doing this cool thing that I guess a lot of people are doing now. They make one blog that is private and one that is public. The one that is public just says click here to read new post and links to the private one. This way you can still know when they have a new post.