Tuesday, October 13, 2009

20 year old cougar

hahaha. Jonni tells me i'm a "20 year old cougar" for this boy! I mean...but seriously he is SOOO cute! His smile could melt any girl! ha. If only i was 13 again! "RAWWWR!" haha.
is it at all creepy that i love Justin Bieber?! :o)


Camilla and Tim said...

I've never heard of him before, but that doesn't mean anything. he is cute... I watched part of the music video from the link and I didn't know that 13 year old boys and girls hung out at the laundry mat ;)

The Skousens said...

Oh Tay, you make me laugh! As I watched the music video, I was cracking up as I seriously could picture you as you watch this! I peed at the "rawwwwr"!!! He is a cutie!

McCall said...

hilarious! i like 'em younger too. ;) not quite so young but, i did enjoy the video...kinda. ha.

Jess said...

My younger sister - also 20 is just as in looove with him :) wait - you might not like competition?! :P
I think he's adorable - however, I can still relate to your "cougarness" because I have a scary obsession that I try to hide for Lautner :P Can't even say his name without getting chills - LOVE AWAY fellow cougar :)Cute blog btw.