Monday, September 15, 2008

Weight Watchers

So, my weight is just becoming rediculous! :) ha. Hence the reason i am doing weight watchers. ("yea, heeence!" haha. have you seen house bunny?) Anyways...i am very excited to get started! My mom is going to the meetings on saturday mornings and i am just going to do it on my own and weigh in on saturdays at home. I hope i can do it this time! I know that this program works and if i stick to it i can look fabulous! GO ME! :) haha.

Has anyone ever done weight watchers and if so do you have any low point, favorite recipes? Or any work out ideas that you like? I need motivation and support! :)


Daniel and Laci said...

GO TAY GO!!!! :o) I wish i had cool recipes... sorry, does mac and cheese count? ;)

Lund Family said...

Okay so my mom and i are queen of weight watchers. here are some things i love.

-100 calorie popcorn bags
-laughing cow cheese(it's kind of like cream cheese but it's only 1 point per triangle. It's by the cheeses in the store)
-there are these bagels that are only in walmart. They are 1 point which is great for a bagel. I use them for sandwiches, or eggsandwiches in the morning(eggwhites). They are by the cream cheeses. usually above it. They are called The Alternative Bagel.
- Center cut bacon is so good and i am pretty sure you get 2 slices for a point.
-i love the weight watcher desserts
- Dannon Light and Fit yogurt.

Is that enough? Sorry it's so long. Email me if you want more ideas

You can do it!!