Monday, February 25, 2008

my NEW wish!

One of my new obsessions is MAC! I love their make-up...i just wish i had all the money in the world to buy it! BUT...i am really really thinking it would be so fun to work there!! =] I have always loved doing make-up, i just don't know how good i am at doing i wonder what i need to do! I wonder if they have classes and stuff to teach you?! i don't know! i just think it would be such a fun job! =]

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McCall said...

Hey Taylor!!! How are ya? Congrats on the new job. I have some make-up news for you. If you take a job in Nordstroms make-up dept. (which I've kinda always wanted to do) THEY train you! Awesome. And you get to wear all black and look really suave and change your face when you're bored and listen to the live piano music all day. Seriously. Awesome. ;)