Saturday, February 16, 2008

I suck at life!!

How come i can't stick to weight watchers?!!? I was doing sooo good the first few weeks! And at this rate i think i am going to end up gaining more weight than what i started at! I am so depressed right now! I need a support group to help family or a friend to do it with me! It would make it soo much easier and enjoyable! I am just really hoping i can do it this week and not fail again next week! :(


The Skousens said...

I hear ya Tay...I don't understand why it's so hard for us to stick to eating healthy...I feel as though I no longer have will power!!!

Taylor said...

yes...exactly laur!! i want to be in cali and do it with mom and jonni! :] haha...i jusgt SERIOUSLY want to be home right now!!!

Doney Days said...

Ya, I suck at it too. The past fews months have been so hard for me to eat good and workout. In fact, I've gained back about 5 pounds and I have NO motivation to try and lose it again! Maybe it's the weather. But we love ya!