Saturday, January 26, 2008

so i am so excited because this next weekend me and ally are going to be taking a road trip to cali!! i am just annoyed with life right now in utah and a trip to see the family in cali is muhc needed! i am hoping the weather will be nice and there are no snow storms coming! we will be leaving friday early morning anf probably coming home wednesday early it will be a nice break! :] yay! and this is our wonderful ford focus we will be driving...haha! i love our focus!
Sooo...i am confused about how you get to write under the wont let me! so i will just write about another subject here! so i was totally expecting to gain weight today when i went in to weight watchers...and when i stepped on the scale i had lost 1.2! i was seriously so surprised i said "are you joking me?!" to the lady haha. i was pleasantly surprised and made my day! now maybe i can actually do better THIS week and have it show on the scale even more! :]


Doney Days said...

YEA!!! I'm so glad you have a blog! So, if you're going to Cali this weekend, then that means you guys will be there when we're there! YEA!!! So hopefully we'll get to see you!

Mrs. Robinson said...

We'll be in Cali this weekend too! You guys should come down to Dis!