Friday, January 25, 2008

Recap of my day thus far...
So i woke up to go to work, which i absolutely HATE right now, and i got there and nobody was there! so me and ally decided to go grab a quick the time we got back, which had been like 15 minutes, nobody was STILL there! i was so annoyed! so i figured out who was suppose to be working, and called her, and she didn't i left a message. then i called my boss, Gio, and left a message with him too. so by this point i was so annoyed and i didn't want to just sit and work again anyways and do nothing. so it had been like almost 40 minutes and i just left....and my boss called later and talked to me and said it was fine and that the girl totally should have been there and all this othe crap. haha! so i am soooo happy that i didn't work today!
the only good thing i was looking forward to was my weekly lunch with jenn and ally. jenn is my friend who works at costa with me, and i usually work fridays, but not anymore, so we were still going to do it! yay! :]
so before that me and ally just went shopping and i got a really cute jacket and a cute tote bag for some it was pretty good! then after we finished we met up with my friend to eat at costa (YUM!) and it was fabulous to catch up and talk...and the great thing was jenn decided to skip class and do some shopping with fun! it was great! and then we dropped her off and when we got back to our place we realized she left her phone in our we had to drive back and bring it to her. so brilliant taylor told ally we should just go to the byu creamery and get an ice cream since we were just minutes away from we did! haha! (i am not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow at weight watchers, i have done HORRIBLE this week!). anyways...and now i am home!
so it was a fun day filled with laughter and smiles...which has not been my case lately!! :]
and then tonight me and ally are going to go see "august rush" at the dollar theater...i heard it was so good, so i am excited!
so day was GREAT! :]
and i believe me and ally are going to take a road trip to cali next weekend....yay!!!! :]

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The Skousens said...

You bad ate ice cream, so not Weight Watchers, jk! Sounds like you girls had fun though!!!