Wednesday, May 26, 2010 my last post really dated march 14th? umm yes...yes it is! haha. my seester ally commented and told me that i was well over due for a new post :o) and i'd have to agree. for some reason i am addicted to the blogging world and have a huge google reader and love reading other peoples posts', but never seem to get around to doing my own...oh well!

So for a brief recap of my life. i was planning on going and moving back to utah and living with my bestie natalie and seester ally, but now they will both not be up there so i figured why move and try to find a new salon to work at and build a whole new clientele, when i am actually doing pretty well here in claremont at 'forte'. quite a few people are actually coming back and requesting! woohoo. and you know i really did not like my singles ward. but i figured out that it was pretty much just because of me and my attitude. i made a promise to myself that i would have a more positive attitute and actually try and attend activities to meet people...and that i have been doing! :o) i am really liking it and meeting new people. yay! actually one of the activities that i went to was 'crochet night'. oh my is SO fun!! but you should have seen me the first night...i was a-w-f-u-l! haha. so i went home and just kept youtubing different videos to practice all the stitches...and now i can do it! and it is addicting to say the least. jonni has gotten really into it as well and so we have fun plannign new projects together. i will have to post pictures of the stuff i end up making :o) ALSO along with all this church stuff i got a new calling in my ward. i am now the fourth sunday relief society teacher. yikes! i was so nervous and gave my first lesson last sunday. it went ok...i am just hoping next time my nerves don't get the best of me!

another HUGE thing that happened was yesterday i started Weight Watcher's (yes it is my fourth time haha!) but i think i am going to post all my progress with WW on my other blog which is: so make sure to check that every so often too! :o)

so please keep reminding me to post if i don't do it often. SERIOUSLY! keep commenting me on facebook or on here. atleast once a week if i haven't posted anything yet haha. thanks.

love you all!! hope you are all doing wonderful! :o)


Laci & Daniel said...

YAY!! Taylor's back!! :o) That's awesome that things are going well with your salon and your singles ward! I'm jealous you learned how to crochet! SO fun! And yay for weight watchers! I just signed up at a gym myself a few days ago and am trying to get motivated. Maybe because its swimsuit season? :/ LOL! Anyway, good to see you back in the blogging world!! Love ya!

Ally said...

YAY! Im glad TayTay is back :)

I am kinda bummed our Utah plans changed! I love having you as a roomie :)

pollydove said...

I teach RS too Taylor! It isn't as intimidating once you've done it for awhile!!! Of course in our ward there are SO many comments, its like the sisters really give the lesson - that's a good thing!

Good Luck! :)