Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is the day...

Today is such an awesome day 09/09/09! So here are nine things I did today, nine things I will do in September, and nine things I hope to do by the end of 2009!


  1. Went to the gym and did cardio.
  2. Did Camilla's hair while talking and having fun!
  3. Tried "The Tracy Anderson Method" workout DVD Camilla gave me.
  4. Went to Costco with sisters and marmy.
  5. Admired the beautiful roses Ally gave me for my Birthday.
  6. Wore a new shirt and earrings.
  7. Watched lots of new Wednesday shows (too many!)
  8. First institute class of the semester: The Book of Mormon!
  9. Blogged (finally!)

(wow...and there was so much more i did today)

September (09):

  1. Find a salon to work in.
  2. Work out at least 5 times a week.
  3. Read a new book.
  4. Find new crafts to do & finish old ones (headbands)
  5. Service (look in to working at the children's hospital)
  6. Print my Puerto Rico Pictures.
  7. Visit Jon Portie.
  8. Play, laugh and have fun with my niece.
  9. Keep my room cleaned.


  1. Finish The Book of Mormon (only 4 months!)
  2. Go down 1 or 2 pant sizes.
  3. Save money to buy a car.
  4. Update my blog at least twice a week.
  5. Build up my clientele by 10 people.
  6. Dress up for Halloween...something creative and fun!
  7. Try a new recipe once a week.
  8. Have a new hobby.
  9. HAVE FUN living life! :o)


Laci & Daniel said...

What a cute idea! I totally forgot about it bein' 9/9/09 :( bummer! I love your goals though.. especially having fun living life! ME TOO! :o)

The Skousens said...

How fun is this!!! Great goals...I think it's easier to accomplish them when they are actually written down and posted somewhere!

Camilla and Tim said...

Love the goals! Its a great idea! :)

Little Farmer Family said...

I love this blog too!! How fun and creative you guys are! Great Goals!! And I can't believe Jonni's a senior! Watch out! She's a pretty mama! You too of course!!! :)