Monday, August 11, 2008


Each year, the Dodgers Stadium hosts a "Mormon Night." This year they were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks, and sadly the Dodgers lost (2 to 1)...honestly, it was a very boring game and therefore I found myself watching the people around me instead of the game, lol! We were a bit upset, because the Dodger's Stadium is set up really dumb and so it took us forever to get to our seats, so we missed Elder L. Tom Perry throwing the first pitch of the game! We still had a great time though!
All of us kids after the game...we decided to all get Dodger hats for the game.
"Root, root, root for the Dodger's...if they don't win it's a shame!" (which they didn't, haha.)
"IV REAL" If you have seen SYTYCD then you know what we are doing, haha. We love it!
Oh yes...the people behind us were SOOO very annoying!
Me and JJ. Me and Ally both painted our nails blue with the LA sign.
Us girls trying to blow a bubble. HAHA. Jonni laughed right after and her gum flew out and landed on a guy(from my singles ward too...oops) 2 rows ahead of us. It was so embaressing!
Making the LA Dodger sign.


allie said...

your little sister looks just like you!!

Stacey said...

Love the hats... adorable